Being labeled untrue by Twitter, President Trump threatened to shut down social media companies

Tram Ho

Share on Twitter, Mr. Trump said that social networking sites are trying to be quiet in the face of conservative views and that they need to be facing or will face real action. At present, there is no evidence that Mr. Trump is likely to demand that social media companies close down.

He wrote on his personal Twitter page: “Republican members realized that social media platforms were completely silent to the conservative opinion. We will either forcefully adjust or force them to close. before something happens. ” In the second tweet, he added: “Just like we cannot let the large scale of ‘deep’ mail voting into our country.”

Bị Twitter dán nhãn thông tin thiếu xác thực, Tổng thống Trump dọa sẽ đóng cửa các công ty truyền thông xã hội - Ảnh 1.

Mr. Trump did not mention any social media platforms, but this was clearly a feedback move after Twitter labeled the information needed to authenticate into the President’s Twitter posts – with statements Dad has no basis for voting by mail. This is the first time Twitter made such a move with the White House boss’s tweets because of misleading.

Twitter affirming the information comes after a man asked the company to remove Trump’s tweets on the grounds that there was no evidence. Meanwhile, some speculation that his ex-wife was murdered by a cable host and former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough. However, Twitter did not take any action with those tweets.

According to Bloomberg, Mr. Trump has very little authority to ask businesses to close. But they will face a series of new rules that could be imposed.

Currently, the US Congress is in the process of developing privacy laws, aimed at creating more restrictions on how data is used and corporate responsibility to consumers about that information. Social media companies – Twitter, Facebook and YouTube of Google, have had to follow California’s new strict rules about data privacy.

Meanwhile, lawmakers from both parties in Washington and the Department of Justice also weighed in on proposals to change Section 230 of the Communications Information Act – supported by online platforms that have protect them from lawsuits involving content posted by third parties. Some conservative opinions oppose this proposal, as it allows companies to remain silent on user posts. These accusations increased during President Trump’s leadership of the White House, when he and his supporters sometimes had conflicts with social media platforms.

While many companies primarily deny that they are “biased” and say they focus on removing posts and users with serious behaviors such as threatening or spreading harmful information, America’s freedom of speech can help companies set rules for how their own platforms are controlled, and opinions are still expressed without pressure from the government.

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Source : Genk