Before suing Tiktok for 9.5 million USD, VNG was the defendant of a series of lawsuits related to piracy.

Tram Ho

Recently, Reuters reported that VNG was preparing to sue TikTok because this famous short video sharing app infringed on the copyright of some songs owned by Zing, with claims of damages up to more than 221 billion VND ( 9.5 million USD).

Zing MP3 – Zing’s online music search and listening tool – was born in 2007. Before suing Tiktok, VNG and Zing were defendants of a series of other lawsuits also related to copyright, with claims highest compensation up to 450 million USD.

 Trước khi đi kiện Tiktok đòi 9,5 triệu USD, VNG đã từng là bị đơn của hàng loạt vụ kiện liên quan đến vi phạm bản quyền - Ảnh 1.

In early 2014, the Youth reported that Lang Van Music Production and Distribution Center announced that it had sued VNG Group – the owner of the online music website Zing Mp3 – to the US court for infringing copyright of center.

The Saigon Economic Times quoted information from the AP that Lang Van claims $ 150,000 for each violation, meaning that if the court decides to win, they will be compensated up to $ 450 million.

Also in 2014, Zing MP3 was sued for infringing Korean music copyrights. Viet Entertainment Company – which has the official right to distribute and exploit K-Pop content in Vietnam – has recorded nearly 1 billion times of listening to and viewing Korean songs on the Zing MP3 site that this unit. copyrighted. This unit sent a complaint and asked the court to force VNG to pay remuneration for Viet Entertainment of VND 4 billion.

Previously, the content management units from Korea including KT Corporation as well as SM Entertainment production unit, JYP Entertainment sent a letter directly to VNG asking VNG, Zing MP3 to stop the infringement. rights as well as remove music products owned by KT, SM, and JYP. At the same time, suggest the competent authorities to intervene in the infringement of K-Pop content; The infringing units must take responsibility and punish them as prescribed by law.

In addition to corporate lawsuits, Zing also faces a number of lawsuits from domestic artists such as the late musician Tran Lap (late 2014), Duy Manh (late 2018 and 2019).

The piracy story once dealt a heavy economic blow to Zing, when two giants Coca-Cola and Samsung decided to remove a series of ads because they thought there was piracy when Zing let users download music. legal in 2012. Zing then immediately rectified by signing with record label Universal Music to buy the copyright.

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