Before leaving the chair of FPT Software, Mr. Hoang Nam Tien gave advice to Generation Z: “To survive, you must LEARN TO LEARN new knowledge on your own!”

Tram Ho

“Illiterate people in the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but who cannot afford to learn, then forget about what they have learned and continue to learn new things” – that is what Mr. Hoang Nam Tien wants to share with the Z generation – young people born after 1995 and are preparing to make important choices for their future.

Trước khi rời khỏi ghế Chủ tịch FPT Software, ông Hoàng Nam Tiến gửi lời khuyên cho thế hệ Z: “Muốn sống sót, bắt buộc các bạn phải TỰ HỌC kiến thức mới!” - Ảnh 1.

Lim – my third daughter is studying Hospitality Management in Japan. Before she went to college, two or three years in a row, my three children sat together, talking together to see what would be the most suitable field of study for her. Finally, we all agree that, with a careful and thoughtful personality, it chooses the service industry that will be most appropriate.

I provide my children with enough money so that they can live while studying abroad in Japan. But she still works part-time job. I said, I do not work part-time to earn pocket money, but to train my ability to stand for many hours in a row every day.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that my son’s choice was right, because if my child could not stand standing in the 3cm-high shoes of the waitress for 5 hours a day, he would do it. How can you pursue the job of a hotel manager – a job that can require him to stand 10 hours a day. A seemingly simple listening skill, but if not, even if my child graduated from one of the top schools in the field of Hotel Management with a honors degree, it would never have a chance to become a Good hotel staff.

I often have to hunt head for my company. And I found out, there is a high percentage of students after applying to FPT Software who are sitting in the wrong places, learning the wrong jobs, pursuing something that does not suit the capacity and personality of the students themselves. he. I met many friends who had only been F-Soft for 6 months and came to see me, scratching my head: “I will quit my job, not because I hate Mr. Tien, but because I cannot stand the job. work in front of a computer like this forever. “

It sounds very funny, but finding a software engineer with hard work, finding someone who is capable of sitting in front of a screen full of digits and code for 8 -12 hours a day is much harder. times. Because, ladies and gentlemen, it’s one of those incredibly boring jobs for many people.

When I complained to the leader of the big software companies in the world, I just learned that software companies in the world have turned out their personality test to recruit these people. Personal factors, interests, family circumstances and living conditions will be one of the criteria determining whether a candidate can endure a job. And when learning this way, I discovered that people in the wrong place, choosing the wrong job is extremely much.

I often ask young students a question, “What makes you choose this career” , and so many answers make me both sad and worried: Most of the students choose their jobs according to their father’s wishes. not based on personal aspirations and not learning about the career you choose, nor whether you really fit it or not. For example, if you are good at math, you will automatically enter the Polytechnic; students with good academic results will enter medical school; ignorant of natural subjects should study humanities. Consequently, more than 50% of graduates are not in the right jobs. For a Head hunter like me, that’s a waste. 4-5 years of learning to learn things that are not right for you and may not help (even if not used) for you in the future, you cannot imagine what you have missed and have lagged behind. Where in the day when things change day by day?

I always thought that Generation Z would be the generation of “Global citizen” – a global citizen. You are 33% of the global population and need to seriously think about the skills you need to survive in this age.

When thinking about work, of course we have to think about the future we will do to live. But if your parents only look for jobs in the country, go to schools to get jobs near home, Generation Z must be the generation that thinks about the Global job market. Because the scale of work in the world is 3,000 times larger than Vietnam. So why not choose a market with 3000 times more opportunities? Why constrict yourself in this country? Why not think that Vietnamese people go abroad not to Korea, Japan, Dubai as manual labor, but to use their wisdom to properly go to the richest countries, the environment do the most demanding work like Silicon Valley, like New York …

In order to become a “Global citizen”, besides knowledge, you need to learn languages. It’s a language, not a foreign language. Because now, knowing English is required. If you want to have a future, you must learn English. And if someone reasoned that “I do not need to know English can still work in Vietnam” then ok, of course how can not live. I don’t know how to live well in Vietnamese.

Trước khi rời khỏi ghế Chủ tịch FPT Software, ông Hoàng Nam Tiến gửi lời khuyên cho thế hệ Z: “Muốn sống sót, bắt buộc các bạn phải TỰ HỌC kiến thức mới!” - Ảnh 4.

I am a “one-time learning” generation – one who learns only once and then freely uses that knowledge for the rest of my life to be successful in life. Because our time to live just as simple as that was able to succeed. So most people in my generation, they don’t think about going to school anymore. No problem, because they were lucky to be born in a relatively easy social context! But if generation Z of you choose to live that way, allow me to say: you will “die” in this era!

Why do I use the word “survive”? Look at the changes in the labor market.

2.7 million Vietnamese garment workers, more than 1 million leather and footwear workers, nearly 1 million electronic assembly workers, within 10 years will lose all jobs. And that has happened starting now. Because a current robot to work as a replacement in factories costs about $ 250,000, but in the next 5-10 years it will cost only $ 30,000. Then it is feasible to produce 24/7/365 days of the year in plants without electricity. If you are an investor, a producer, then you think you will choose workers or robots? Where to find out where in the world the labor cost is cheaper enough and can compete with robots for labor productivity?

Trước khi rời khỏi ghế Chủ tịch FPT Software, ông Hoàng Nam Tiến gửi lời khuyên cho thế hệ Z: “Muốn sống sót, bắt buộc các bạn phải TỰ HỌC kiến thức mới!” - Ảnh 5.

Tens of thousands of girls sitting at each bank as a teller, most of whom go to college, will also lose their jobs in the next 10 years. Because banks now start using the live banking system. When Generation Z matures, they will no longer go to banking, but rather on internet banking. Tens of thousands of credit officers assessing credit will also lose their jobs, because the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) rating system based on big data will be much more accurate and truthful.

The majority of doctors now do general diagnostics. But the diagnosis of AI now surpasses doctors with less than 10 years of experience. The IBMWATSON Health system has gathered the knowledge of more than 5000 of the world’s best cancer doctors + millions of case studies. Based on these data, machines were able to diagnose extremely accurate cancer. Right now the price for that system is still too expensive, but it will come down very quickly. At that time, people only need very good doctors to do the surgery, not doctors. Many doctors will lose their jobs.

If you intend to be a teacher, you should be fine. Because tomorrow, this generation will want to learn directly with the best people in the world. And that is not difficult. Because online classroom system is increasingly blooming and becoming popular. The language barrier is no more. Language differences may also be supported by AI. Teaching is no longer a safe haven.

Lawyers too. Lawyers to litigate in court, to negotiate, negotiate, the machine can not be replaced. But if you cross-examine the laws, analyze the impact and give advice to customers, in the next 5 years, AI will do it better than humans with the infinite big data store it collects. Many lawyers will lose their jobs.

In an era where today’s fad is completely gone, self-study and continuous learning are most important.

Once a doctor studied for 6 years, after graduation, that knowledge was enough for them to use for 10 years. Now there is no way for that doctor to have the knowledge to work the next 10-15 years. As medical knowledge, new treatment regimens, new drugs change from day to day. The generation of “one-time learning” is over. Now is the age of “lifelong learning”. Peter Schwartz, who has been an advisor to two generations of Singaporean Prime Minister, said that for him, the most important skill to survive in this era is the ability to self-study. Despite being over 60 years old, he still takes online courses and updates his knowledge on his own in various ways to avoid being left behind. He often quoted a quote that he deeply liked of Alvin Toffler: “The illiterate people in the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but who cannot afford to learn, then forget what you have learned and continue to learn new things ”.

But don’t think that reading a book once in a while, attending a seminar occasionally, coming in contact with a guru (a top expert) in something is called learning. Those things just give you the initial idea. And to learn it, understand it, you have to spend time going to school, to ensure 3 things: Give you a rationale: Why? What to do? How to do?

I have about 1,000 flight hours a year, 2,000 hours working with partners. Not to mention eating and receiving guests. But every day, I spend 1-2 hours studying by myself. I take online courses that require strict testing of output. Every day, if I fail the course assignment, I cannot progress to the next level, cannot finish my course and be fined for it.

I am 51 years old this year. Even if I have achieved some success in the eyes of some people, I can still lag behind quickly in the next one or two years, if I don’t update my own new verions every day. How about your Generation Z?

We have depended too much on the educational role of the school. But the role of the school in this era will not be a place to teach students more knowledge, but to teach you self-study skills. Six years ago, Education Minister Pham Vu Luan once said: “Teaching has changed. There is a need to attach importance to personal development. Previously said teaching a class of 40 children. Now I have to teach 40 students a class ” – many people did not understand this statement and mocked him. But that statement is actually very accurate. The education of more than 1000 years of Vietnamese people – one-way education, teachers – students listening, teachers reading – copying has come to an end and must definitely end. Education is to be student-centered. It is not allowed to equate, scratch, because each child is a separate individual, with distinct personalities and abilities, with unique strengths and weaknesses and the ability to receive specific knowledge. A common program for such children is the fastest way to destroy individuals. Education is now giving students the skills to learn what is best for them and find the best path for themselves, to survive in this era.

Your Z generation – generation must compete with difference can survive? The answer depends on your own preparedness and readiness!

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