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Overview Introduction

The author of the book is Uncle Bob , a banyan tree in Software Engineering village. He once wrote a great book called Clean Code (I reviewed it here ).

The book is called The Clean Coder, and it reads the same as Clean Code. However, one interesting thing is that the contents of the two books … are completely opposite!

While Clean Code focuses on the technical aspect : guiding programmers on how to organize code and write clean code (like the blog’s story section); The Clean Coder focuses on the career aspect : attitude to work, teamwork , time management (similar to the blog’s career story ).

Introduction, book introduction

In The Clean Coder, Uncle Bob talks about many aspects: programming ethics, coping with work pressures, refreshing skills , teamwork … Each aspect comes with valuable experiences. by the author himself over 42 years of career in all positions from dev, manager, PM to CEO.

That introduction is enough! If you want to learn more, you can find the book yourself and read it.

Lessons learned

The book has 14 chapters, each chapter has many different lessons. I only summarize the lessons that I find interesting and reasonably drawn from the book.

  • As a “mindful” developer, you must be responsible . The responsibility here is not only with the code you write, but also the responsibility with the agreements with customers.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to speak NOT before unreasonable requirements or deadlines of superiors or customers. Use your ability to provide a reasonable solution for both parties.
  • Responsible for his promise, once promised, to complete the task on time. This is a problem related to your reputation and brand .
  • Don’t focus on technical, but care about the product and the value it creates , its importance in the company.
  • Eat and sleep moderately, keep yourself healthy to have quality code. OT restrictions because OT will affect health , reduce productivity and quality of code.
  • Regularly use Coding Dojo to sharpen your code ability, thinking ability. Learn many languages ​​and technologies to have a more open and open look.
  • Distribute reasonable working time, limit chat and … meeting. You can use Pomodoro method to limit distractions (This is pretty good, I am also using).
  • Calm, hold yourself in the face of deadlines and pressures. The greater the pressure, the more we have to abide by the rules, the right code, not because … hastily and recklessly.
  • Programming is a long way. In the first stage, we need to learn from others. Once we have the level and knowledge, we must use our knowledge to help and teach new people.


Of course, these lines cannot convey what the author wants to say. Therefore, I recommend that you read the book directly . What about yourself, you will draw many “cool” things for yourself!


Books have almost no code, only storytelling and sharing, so it’s quite easy to read. I have read and brooded the book for about 3-4 days.

The voice in the book is not fancy, but simply penetrates like the teachings of an old uncle who has a bitter life. I was most impressed with a story when Uncle Bob was young.

Meanwhile, he just focused on technical but … forgot about the team and the company. On Monday morning, the team had a demo with customers but he didn’t care. He “missed” submitting the code on Friday afternoon, causing the system to fail to build. On Monday morning, he was “unintentionally” late. At the end of the story, how would you guess?

On the other hand, sometimes I find that sometimes the author is somewhat “extreme” when criticizing OT as “unprofessional”, and criticizes “hero”, “awake” and “team” actions. of dev.

OT is not necessarily good, the team burden is not necessarily good

According to the author, the code needs professionalism. With professional coder, all is the job, the coder’s mission is to complete the right duties. At work, there is no room for “heroes”, “impulsive” scenes.

Rating : 8.8 / 10


If you are a new graduate , I recommend reading this book with the Clean Code book. It doesn’t matter if I don’t understand. After 1.2 years of working, with little experience, please read these two books again. They will help you have a good mindset and orientation on later programming path steps .

In short, The Clean Coder is an extremely readable book. Whether you are a new graduate or a one or two year employee; Whether you are a dev dev or a team leader or project manager, the knowledge in the book is extremely helpful to you.

If you’ve read a book, share your feelings in the comment section!

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