Be careful with the deposit of portable iPhone 14

Tram Ho

Immediately after the Far Out event, many accounts on MXH began to receive deposits for iPhone 14 with a deposit of up to 50 – 100% of the device’s value. Currently, the price of portable iPhone 14 on the market is very chaotic, with a difference of 2-5 million VND compared to genuine goods.

Most accounts receive iPhone 14 series, goods will be delivered on September 16 (right on the first day of sale) with a full purchase receipt.

Many accounts receive iPhone 14 deposits from 50-100 of the device value

However, users need to be careful with these offers.

Most portable iPhones are usually collected by traders from traditional markets such as Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong (China)… at a rather high price on the first day of sale. In addition, this year, Thailand has also been upgraded to the first-tier market by Apple, although the amount of portable goods arriving in time on the first day of sale is also quite precarious.

Cẩn trọng với việc đặt cọc iPhone 14 xách tay - Ảnh 2.

In previous years, the first iPhone models to Vietnam were often sold at prices 2 to 3 times higher than the actual amount.

According to Ms. Hien Nguyen, a longtime iPhone carrier, said that it is necessary to be careful with the early deposit of iPhone 14. This woman said that many subjects take advantage of the user’s psychology of wanting to own the device early along with receiving a high deposit to create trust and then block all communications immediately after receiving the deposit.

“If users want to own the device soon, they should choose reputable places to deposit, or should not wait for VN/A goods because the price is much better,” said Hien.

According to current information from Apple’s resellers, iPhone VN/A may arrive in early October, with prices from 24 million VND for iPhone 14, from 30 million VND for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro. Max will be from 33 million. Particularly, the iPhone 14 Plus model will arrive later than the price from 27 million VND.

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