Bad guys are using AirTag to steal luxury cars

Tram Ho

Developed by Apple as a way for users to easily track their belongings, but AirTag also has a dark side that makes us afraid, that is, bad guys can use them to track others. According to the Canadian police force, car thieves used AirTag to track victims.

York-area police say investigators have identified a new method being used by thieves to track the expensive vehicles they intend to steal. AirTag. They use AirTag to track the vehicle coming to the victim’s home and then steal it when it is parked in front of the house.

Kẻ xấu đang lợi dụng AirTag để trộm xe sang - Ảnh 1.

As of September 2021, police officers in the York area have investigated five cases of ‌AirTags‌ use in vehicle theft. Thieves target any high-value vehicle they see in a public place or parking lot, placing the AirTag on the vehicle in an out of sight, such as in a tow hook or fuel cap.

Kẻ xấu đang lợi dụng AirTag để trộm xe sang - Ảnh 2.

Kẻ xấu đang lợi dụng AirTag để trộm xe sang - Ảnh 3.


While thieves have no way of disabling Apple’s tracking detection, not all car owners pay attention to the notification, and not everyone has an iPhone.

Police predict that thieves using AirTag to track vehicles will become more and more common and widespread. They advise car owners to park in a locked garage where possible, and to regularly check for tracking devices mounted on the vehicle.

Reference: AppleInsider

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