Bac Ninh’s young father built a super car to take his children to school, surprising everyone

Tram Ho

Recently on the tiktok Team account Truong Van Dao has just posted a clip of more than 4 minutes with the content: “The father built a BMW supercar to take his children to school, surprising the teacher” . The clip has just been posted, but it has received a lot of shares and everyone expressed their admiration for this father.

According to information, the person behind this supercar is Truong Van Dao, 30 years old, from Bac Ninh. Mr. Dao used oak wood to build this car and his manufacturing process lasted for 45 days. In early 2019, he started designing drawings based on the design of the BMW 328 Hommage Concept car born in 2011. In addition, after the clip, some people also think that this car is similar to a car. BMW i8 luxury sport. After the car finished, the first thing Mr. Dao did was drive himself to school.

Similar to the design of the Hommage Concept, this car also has a small windshield and full straps made of cloth across the bonnet.

Not only that, this car also has headlights and taillights that can both be used as a normal car, you can see that the car is meticulously designed and takes a lot of work, inside the car is full of 2 seats, gear lever, pedals, light switch. Mr. Dao shared that to be able to run, this wooden car must use a 24V electric motor and the vehicle has a mass of 350kg. Currently, the cost of this car has not been revealed, but at a glance, everyone knows that the amount of money spent to buy materials is not cheap at all.

The shared clip made everyone admire Mr. Dao and also left a lot of positive comments. Not only that, an American female reviewer Supercar Blondie with 36 million followers shared and wholeheartedly praised him.

Ông bố trẻ Bắc Ninh tự tay chế tạo siêu xe đưa con đi học khiến ai cũng ngỡ ngàng - Ảnh 2.

The supercar was completed after 45 days

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