Baby Chanh is surprised by the smooth gaming experience on Galaxy Note20 Ultra

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Perhaps it is not necessary to say much about the hotness of the Galaxy Note20 series when this flagship has always been a topic of discussion in the technology community as well as the fanatic world since its release. In addition to the features that have made the brand such as the S-Pen pen, the big camera, this new generation of Galaxy Note attracts attention with a comprehensive upgrade of hardware configuration to meet strong performance for users. use, especially gamers.

That is also the reason why Samsung held a seminar “Touching the Peak of Passion Technology”, bringing together talented gamers and streamers to share their real experiences while playing games on this new Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

Bé Chanh, Đấng YM bất ngờ với trải nghiệm chơi game mượt mà trên Galaxy Note20 Ultra - Ảnh 1.

Present at the seminar, Be Chanh – a very familiar name to Lien Quan Mobile gamers – said he was extremely excited to experience this latest smartphone. Known as a professional gamer before turning into a streamer career, for him “the most important thing in a phone is to avoid stuttering and lag”.

“A good smartphone for gaming must have a strong upgrade to be able to experience a smoother game and no longer lag,” “- a gamer nicknamed” Than Rung shared.

Sharing the same point of view with Baby Chanh, Streamer Ai YM said: “I am afraid of the game most is lag and the small screen. My hands are quite big, holding a small phone makes me unable to swipe. The phone does not fit in my hand, too heavy, making me feel inconvenient when livestreaming for a long time “.

Bé Chanh, Đấng YM bất ngờ với trải nghiệm chơi game mượt mà trên Galaxy Note20 Ultra - Ảnh 2.

As the “youngest” in the house, the female Streamer Cat 2k4 could not hide her excitement when she was about to experience the reality of her favorite device for so long. To her: “Girls are always important to design and appearance. I really need attractive and attractive visuals and colors. In addition, the amount of battery needs to be” buffalo “.

Bé Chanh, Đấng YM bất ngờ với trải nghiệm chơi game mượt mà trên Galaxy Note20 Ultra - Ảnh 3.

Not only sharing about the path to the game along with comments on the development of mobile games, all three Streamer are extremely excited to directly experience the game Lien Quan Mobile right on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra in the match. Showmatch match took place right at the event. It can be said that this is a pretty stretch when both Baby Chanh, YM or Cat 2k4 have a long battle with this cult game.

Bé Chanh, Đấng YM bất ngờ với trải nghiệm chơi game mượt mà trên Galaxy Note20 Ultra - Ảnh 4.

Every moment of breathtaking tension with the top combat phases are perfectly performed by gamers as if they had practiced together before. In the end, the trio’s spectacular victory brought a vibrant atmosphere that made the entire auditorium explode.

Share after the game, Baby Chanh said “In my opinion, Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has overcome the problem of lag, lag and has been upgraded quite a lot with Exynos 990 processor”. The powerful processing speed of the latest generation Exynos990 chip along with the software optimization when combined with the exclusive Game Booster mode delivers smooth smooth frames even when playing high-graphics games. level. “I feel that everything that worries me about a phone has disappeared. The experience is very smooth and wonderful” – Forest God excitedly shared.

Bé Chanh, Đấng YM bất ngờ với trải nghiệm chơi game mượt mà trên Galaxy Note20 Ultra - Ảnh 5.

Evaluation of Galaxy Note20, Cat 2k4 said she was especially impressed with this beautiful screen. “Very detailed and sharp, you can see every little detail of the generals in Full HD. I heard this phone is equipped with 2x Dynamic AMOLED screen .. For me, display quality and the colors of the Galaxy Note20 are amazing.

In addition, the sweep frequency up to 120Hz makes every movement in the game smoother, touch operation no longer has a delay, creating a great advantage in each combat phase that makes the Streamer female “go to the field” when under the burden. two games.

As a professional Streamer, Who YM feels extremely surprised about what Galaxy Note20 Ultra brings. “For Galaxy Note20 Ultra, the screen is bigger and the experience is smoother. I use Full HD mode, the screen is very sharp but the phone is still not hot. Finally, the camera is the highlight when I hold it. When I go to the cafe to play Lien Quan with my teammates, holding this Note20 Ultra makes me feel classy, ​​the right people playing professional games “. As can be seen, Galaxy Note20 Ultra has completely conquered the professional Streamer / Gamers with the real experience with the right daily work.

In addition to 5G connectivity, which plays a very important role in ensuring smooth transmission, providing a perfect gaming experience without lag, Spen pen with realistic writing and powerful camera , Galaxy Note20 Ultra is the new symbol of a Gaming Phone.

Powerful performance for both work and entertainment, and smart connectivity, definitely the number one choice for the smooth, immersive experience any gamer wants. So what are you waiting for without “coming up” for yourself now Galaxy Note20 to become the leader of the future trend right away.

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