Axie Infinity is about to destroy the way of life of the plowmen

Tram Ho

On October 15, Axie Infinity began to announce the content of update 1.1.0a, in which there are two important updates that pet (Axie) will be erased to level 1 (reset character) whenever changed. Owners and accounts below 800 MMR will no longer receive SLP rewards from daily quests and challenges.

Axie Infinity sắp triệt đường sống của dân cày thuê - Ảnh 1.

According to developer Sky Mavis, this update is intended to prevent bots, referring to automated software used to plow multiple accounts at the same time, which is quite common in online role-playing games in general.

But this announcement was also immediately met with backlash from cultivators who mainly make a living by plowing SLP (Smooth Love Potions). This is a unit of virtual items earned in the game through daily activities, from which players sell them on the market for real money.

Axie Infinity sắp triệt đường sống của dân cày thuê - Ảnh 2.

The announcement to update the new version of Axie Infinity was met with a backlash from players.

All players need to buy SLP to take care of and increase their pet’s strength. Because the demand for player enhancement is endless, the demand for SLP is also endless as long as there are still millions of people playing Axie Infinity daily.

However, once they are limited to 800 MMR to earn SLP, new players will not be able to plow and resell to others. MMR (Matchmaking Rating) is a rating system commonly found in online games in general, the winner will receive points and the loser will be deducted points with the higher the MMR score, the stronger that person is.

Plus the pet will be ‘reset character’, new players no longer have the ability to earn money in Axie Infinity immediately, but have to spend time upgrading pets, spending money to take care of them.

Currently, Sky Mavis developer is still delaying the update process and will announce when this update is available.

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