AWS DynamoDB: Fast and Flexible NoSQL Database Service at Any Scale

Tram Ho


DynamoDB is an Amazon-managed key-value document database with sub-millisecond performance at scale.


DynamoDB is a fast, flexible NoSQL database service with millisecond speeds for small and large applications. With flexible data models and reliable performance, it can be used for applications such as mobile, web, gaming, ad tech, and IoT.

Benefits and Features

Performance at scale

DynamoDB can maintain sub-millisecond response times to support the world’s largest applications. And with unlimited throughput and storage, you can build super applications.

No need to manage servers

DynamoDB is serverless. No servers to set up, patch or manage, no software to install, maintain or operate. DynamoDB will automatically grow or shrink as you use the table to maintain performance.

Enterprise ready

DynamoDB is built for mission-critical work and provides ACID transaction support for applications that require complex business logic.

Use Case

advertising technology

Advertising technology (adtech) companies use aキー/値store called DynamoDB to store marketing data such as user profiles, events, clicks and links visited.


Game companies can use DynamoDB to manage game platform features such as game state, player data, session history, and leaderboards.


Many retailers use common DynamoDB design patterns to provide low latency for mission-critical use cases such as shopping carts, workflow engines, inventory management and shipping, customer profiles, and accounts.

media and entertainment

Media and entertainment companies use DynamoDB when they need high processing power, concurrency, low latency (response time), and reliability. DynamoDB scales elastically to handle loads and maintains the low latency essential for real-time scenarios such as video streaming and interactive content.

software and internet

Software companies and Internet companies require high performance so that many people can use it at the same time. When measuring its performance, it can be reached when millions of people are using it at the same time, or when there are millions of requests per second. DynamoDB has a proven track record of handling such internet-scale requirements in less than a millisecond.

banking and finance

Banking and financial companies are turning to cloud-native applications and fully managed services to speed things up, make things easier, and keep costs down. For example, it can handle user interactions, handle events, detect fraud, offload mainframes, and capture change data.


In DynamoDB, you will be charged when you read, write, or save table data, or use optional functions. In addition, DynamoDB has an “on-demand capacity mode” and a “provisioned capacity mode” where processing charges for reading and writing data are set. (On-demand/Provisioned capacity mode)


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