Automation testing: How to get started

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Currently, software testing is automated to increase the scope of testing, improve efficiency in finding bugs, and improve the efficiency of the development process. In large, complex and time-critical projects, code needs to be tested regularly and repeated within the same functional area of ​​the application, automated testing to increase efficiency and reduce test cycles. . If you are a software expert or a manager of a software testing unit, automated testing will definitely give you a competitive advantage in the market. We will discuss the various aspects of effective automated testing.

The process of using automated software to control the performance of software testing from which to compare actual results and desired results is called Automation Testing. It is used to minimize test time for complex actions such as feedback tests and labor-intensive processes or to extend test processes in the software development process.
Frequently used automated testing requires regular testing of the same piece of code when the requirements are changed frequently, when applications have to be tested for performance with a number of users and when the time is up. short test.

How to Automate Testing?

You can automate your testing process by using supporting languages ​​such as VB Scripting and automated software applications. There are many tools available in the market that we can use to write automated test scripts. If you’re wondering how you can automate test operations, here’s a step-by-step process that will help you outline your plan:

1. Identify functions in software that need automation test – Automating the entire testing process is very difficult and inefficient in terms of cost due to the expensive nature of testing tools. So the most important thing is to identify the functional areas that need automated testing.
2. Choose an appropriate tool for automated testing – There are quite a number of automated testing tools available; However, choosing the right tool is important for automated testing. Whether it’s a code-driven or GUI-based testing process, you have to choose the right tool for testing.
3. Make test scripts – You need to develop testcases and scripts to cover the majority of the software to ensure that the functions work properly.
4. Test development suites – Test suites were developed to ensure that test cases run automatically without any manual intervention. This is done by creating a test suite with multiple test cases, a library, and misaligned lines to run the test suite.
5. Execute scripts – Test scripts can be executed manually, with the developer also able to execute them automatically. This ensures that problems are effectively detected in the event of code changes
6. Create report results – You need to create many report formats to record test logs details of the actions performed during the test.
7. Identify potential problems and performance issues – You need to identify problems early in the testing process and their causes, and correct problems encountered to Achieve better test efficiency.

Automated testing methods

There are many automated testing tools available today, but before discussing that, we need to understand the differences between automated testing methods, which will be discussed below:
Code-driven testing – This method uses testing frameworks like the xUnit framework, etc. Focusing on testing cases to test whether the code is executed as required under different conditions. This is a common method used in agile software development model where unit testcases are written to determine the software requirements that are built and check their performance before the code is actually released. write.
Graphical user interface (GUI) testing – The GUI of applications can be tested using this method because it allows testers to record user actions and analyze them. For example, if you want to test a website, you can use an automated testing tool like Selenium, which provides record and playback functionality to save test scripts without any language knowledge. about script test. Test cases can be written in a number of languages ​​like C #, Java, Perl, Python etc.
Framework approach – This method is not for automating anything but a system for integrating rules to test a specific product. The framework provides a library of functions, test data sources, object details, and other reusable modules. It lays down the general rules of automation and simplifies the effort required while maintenance costs are low. For example, if there are any changes in the test case, just update the test case file to change without affecting the original driver or initialization script. Frameworks can be linear, structured, data driven, keyword driven, or any combination of them.

Thereby, while manual testing is effective in projects with multiple operating environments and hardware configurations, automation testing is essential for the success of large-scale projects that need to execute cases. Repeated and complex testing. Automation testing is not only necessary but also important for the development of a software project.

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