Automatically write `` using `admin_generator` command of `django-extensions`

Tram Ho

What i want to do:

If there are many tables, it will be difficult to write to

I want you it to be done automatically.

If we use the admin_generator command of the library called django-extensions, it can be done automatically.

It really does his job regarding the contents of

What is django-extension?

django-extensions extends the functionality of, and there are various other commands.


Add in to

  • pj_name/


Overwrite the output result in

$APP contains the application name created with $python startapp xxx.


For example:

This class:

Will be looking like this:

Create user to login on management screen

Start the local server

Access to this address:

It is OK if the login table is displayed with the user information created earlier.

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Source : Viblo