Australia wants to put Google and Facebook into the “framework”, not free to collect people data

Tram Ho

In April, Australia passed a bill seeking to punish social networks for not removing violent content from their foundations. Now, Australia’s Antitrust Surveillance Agency is looking to set up a unit to monitor the activities of technology giants.

This is one of 23 proposals written in the 623-page report of the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) about the anti-competitive behavior of technology giants in the country. According to Reuters, the specialized unit on the committee will scrutinize how companies use algorithms to display ads to users.

The ACCC also calls for a new code of conduct for technology giants, allowing “consumers to know and control what data is collected and how to use that data”. The government has also recommended strengthening Australia’s Privacy Act and establishing a consumer complaint plan for digital platforms.

The Commission studied both Google and Facebook in 18 months before handing over the report to the government, concluding that the law allows companies to collect and use personal data without consent. and in a way that users do not understand.

Josh Frydenberg, the Australian Treasury Secretary, said the $ 5 billion fine imposed by FTC on Facebook due to the violation of Cambridge Analytica data scandal “is a mirror of how personal data is used by people regularly. whether they are unaware “.

He also said: “Google and Facebook need to have responsibilities and their activities need to be more transparent … There is no choice but to offer a more appropriate legal and legislative regime to protect the rights. public privacy. ”

Will a specialized office really monitor closely the activities of technology giants in Australia? Proposals will still have to go through a 12-week community consultation process before the Australian government acts. Google told Reuters that they would continue to contact the government about the issues involved in the consultation process.

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Source : Theo ICT News