At the beginning of the year, fortune was picked up by a series of super hot smartphone deals, down to 40% on the entire Shopee floor

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Đầu năm hái lộc bằng loạt deal smartphone siêu hot, giảm đến 40% toàn sàn Shopee - Ảnh 1.

Tet has ended but the shopping calendar has just begun. To kick off the new year, Shopee will give users the opportunity to exchange a brand new phone at an amazing discount, up to 40% off the floor. Special in the day 15/2 – Flash Sale Day Phone – You will have the opportunity to hunt for a 12% discount voucher with a value of up to VND 2,020,000 (applicable to orders from VND 10 million). What are you waiting for? Surf Shopee now.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Phone 3GB / 32GB

Market price 3,990,000 VND

Shopee price: 2,839,000 VND, up to 29% discount, for details on Shopee

Đầu năm hái lộc bằng loạt deal smartphone siêu hot, giảm đến 40% toàn sàn Shopee - Ảnh 2.

The Redmi Note 7 is a truly premium phone in the budget segment. The design is really nice, not much inferior to the phones in the higher-end segment.

The phone has a water drop screen with good display color, powerful 8-core chip with dual camera cluster with up to 48MP resolution, ensuring extremely clear shooting capabilities, and especially suitable. virtual devotees are spoiled for selfies.

OPPO A5 (2020) 64GB phone

Market price: 4,290,000 VND

Shopee price: VND 3,590,000, up to 16% off, surf Shopee now.

Oppo A5 is also a better option “in the price range”. Version 2020 has very youthful and extremely delicate colors, the battery capacity of up to 5000 mAh ensures “healthy living” for more than a working day. In particular, the main camera is the most impressive feature of this handset, when equipped with the following 4 camera groups (cam) including: main cam (12MP), wide-angle cam, monochrome cam and depth cam.

At this point, you probably understand your virtual life is preparing … sublimation, right?

WIKO Lenny 5 Cherry Red Phone (1GB / 16GB)

Market price: 1,990,000 VND

Shopee price: 1,190,000 VND, up to 40% discount, for details at Shopee.

Đầu năm hái lộc bằng loạt deal smartphone siêu hot, giảm đến 40% toàn sàn Shopee - Ảnh 3.

Wiko Lenny5 – a phone from the French brand – can really beat every opponent if only on the price of its price.

Cheap, but what Wiko Lenny5 owns is not “cheap” at all. Youthful design, rounded in an exquisite way, feels comfortable to hold. 5.7 inch wide screen design with HD + resolution, giving users a great experience. The phone is equipped with a quad-core processor – good enough for basic tasks and advanced entertainment. And even in the low-end segment, the phone is still equipped with a 2800 mAh battery – enough for comfortable use during a working day.

Vivo S1 6Gb + 128Gb phone

Market price: 5,990,000 VND

Shopee price: 4,590,000 VND, up to 23% discount, for details at Shopee

The price is a bit higher, but Vivo S1 is still a really “delicious, complementary, cheap” phone. The quality of the complete body is made of polished glass material, the design contains many similarities with the previous brands of the same brand but is equally unique. And what makes Vivo S1 special is the selfie camera cluster with a sensor up to 25MP – a promising number for virtual believers to have amazing photos.

Samsung Galaxy A20s phone (32GB / 3GB)

Market price: 4,390,000 VND

Shopee price: 3,190,000 VND, up to 27% discount, details at Shopee

Đầu năm hái lộc bằng loạt deal smartphone siêu hot, giảm đến 40% toàn sàn Shopee - Ảnh 4.

Samsung Galaxy A20s is a product that helps increase the market share of the Korean technology giant in the mid-range smartphone segment, and to do that, the quality of the device is really not “joke”.

A20s is equipped with Super Amoled technology screen, for a very complete entertainment experience. The configuration is also really good in the price range with Exynos 7884 8-core chip, powerful enough to “weigh” many large games today. The machine is also very suitable for photography enthusiasts, equipped with dual rear camera clusters with wide-angle and super wide-angle lenses.

WIKO View 3 Lite Phone (2G / 32GB)

Market price: 2,490,000 VND

Shopee price: VND 1,880,000, up to 24% discount, buy now at Shopee

Wiko View 3 Lite is one of the two popular segment phones that Wiko launches in 2019. It has a 6.09-inch screen with HD + resolution, a water-drop notch and a security mechanism equal to Fingerprint and Face Unlock are very impressive. The configuration of Wiko View 3 Lite is not as simple as its price with 8-core processor, allowing users to experience every task without worrying about encroaching.

OPPO Reno2 F Phone 8GB / 128GB

List price: VND 8,990,000

Shopee price: 7,590,000 VND, 16% discount, surf Shopee now

If you have a bit more money, you should really consider experiencing Oppo Reno 2F – a phone hitting the mid-range segment of Oppo. The phone has a large screen with full HD + resolution, which will give you a very good entertainment experience. But not only that, the fingerprint sensor feature is built right under the screen, making it much easier to manipulate. The configuration is considered extremely “in the price range” with Helio p70 chip and RAM up to 8GB – higher than most smartphones today, including high-end models.

Cluster of 4 rear cameras is also a special point of Oppo, in which the main cam has a sensor from Samsung with a resolution of up to 48MP. Too suitable for young people to take photos, right?


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Đầu năm hái lộc bằng loạt deal smartphone siêu hot, giảm đến 40% toàn sàn Shopee - Ảnh 5.
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