At the age of 60, CEO Tim Cook bragged about leading Apple for the next 10 years

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Tim Cook has been with Apple for 23 years and has held the position of CEO of this company for nearly a decade. However, in his latest interview, he opened up about a few possible changes in the future.

“Ten years from Apple? Probably not. I’m feeling great right now and don’t have any clear plans for the future yet. But 10 years from now is a long journey, maybe not 10 more years ”, share Cook.

Ở tuổi 60, CEO Tim Cook úp mở về việc lãnh đạo Apple trong 10 năm tới - Ảnh 1.

“I love Apple so much. It is hard to imagine what my life would be like without this company. Maybe it was only when I wasn’t here that I knew what I would do after that. My life and career are passing so fast, I don’t care about the future, at least until I stop. That doesn’t matter ”.

When asked about Musk’s comment that he tried to negotiate the possibility of selling Tesla to Apple, Cook said that he has never spoken to Musk but that he has “respect and admiration” for the company that Musk has. build.

“I think Tesla did the unbelievable things, not only being the leader, but they continued to hold the lead for a long period in electric vehicles.”

Tim Cook also shared a lot of other content in the interview, including the controversy about social networking application Parler was removed from the App Store earlier this year, Apple TV and self-driving cars.

“Tim Cook’s Apple”

Apple under Steve Jobs, generally shaped by revolutionary new product innovations, completely changed the industry. Meanwhile, Tim Cook has made Apple a place to reflect more than himself, a cautious, cooperative and cunning 60-year-old man.

“Tim Cook’s Apple”, as many former senior executives at Apple say, is a giant conglomerate that pursues its goal of growth by building a product and service empire around its revolutionary innovations. predecessor. Their success has attracted customers in China – helping to boost sales while keeping costs under control.

“At the time of October 2011, people said: It’s over, everything will be messed up,” said Mike Slade – a longtime consultant for Steve Jobs and a former member of Apple’s board of directors. “But now, Tim Cook proves that he did a very good job of his.”

Apple, under Cook, prospered unprecedented. Since starting the company in 2011, the year Steve Jobs died, Apple’s revenue and profits have steadily doubled, and their market capitalization has surpassed from $ 348 billion to 1.9 thousand. billion USD.

The company currently holds $ 81 billion in cash, excluding debt, and has paid $ 475.5 billion in dividends to shareholders.

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