ASUS Expertbook P3540 – the lightest 15 “business laptop in the category with 16 hours of battery life

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The lightest in the 15 “segment is only 1.7kg and the screen is only 5.7mm

The ASUS ExpertBook P3540 business laptop provides a perfect combination of mobility and performance, designed specifically for today’s global business users. The optimized design of the thin NanoEdge screen is only 5.6mm, maximizing the display of the workspace, making it much more compact than other 15 “models. The volume of the ExpertBook P3540 is also streamlined only 1.7kg left.

The precision machining frame is finished with elegant gray elegance, giving a truly professional impression wherever you are.

ASUS Expertbook P3540 – laptop doanh nghiệp 15” nhẹ nhất trong phân phúc cùng thời lượng pin 16 tiếng - Ảnh 1.

Comprehensive and stable connection

When you are working on the road, the full connection is vital. The ASUS ExpertBook P3540 includes a full range of I / O connectors, including four USB ports and an SD card reader slot, along with HDMI, LAN and VGA ports for easy data transfer and peripheral connectivity.

To improve reliability. solidly connected ports are also tested to withstand 5000 plugs

ASUS Expertbook P3540 – laptop doanh nghiệp 15” nhẹ nhất trong phân phúc cùng thời lượng pin 16 tiếng - Ảnh 2.

Infinite performance, durable battery for a long day for 16 hours

Thanks to the 70Wh large capacity battery, the ASUS ExpertBook P3540 provides enough power for long days to work up to 16 hours on a single charge, enabling you to work efficiently anywhere without worrying about power. electricity. When you need uninterrupted productivity, continuous meeting days, multiple appointments with your partner, the ASUS ExpertBook P3540 will be the right choice for you.

For maximum performance, the ASUS ExpertBook P3540 also contains an ultra-fast SSD and a high-capacity HDD, giving you a fast storage solution but without worrying about the lack of storage capacity.

Setting the user ‘s comfort to No. 1, the ASUS ExpertBook P3540 is also equipped with a 180 ° straightening hinge that makes it easy to share the screen with the self – elevating ErgoLift keyboard to provide a typing experience like typing. Table and standard numeric keypad with full size for faster input speed

ASUS Expertbook P3540 – laptop doanh nghiệp 15” nhẹ nhất trong phân phúc cùng thời lượng pin 16 tiếng - Ảnh 3.

Reliable, secure and ready for business

The ultra-durable P3540 series is tested to achieve and pass ASUS industry-leading endurance tests according to US military standards – STD 810G including testing in industrial conditions such as temperature, Humidity, altitude

Data is a vital resource of business, which is why ASUSPRO notebooks offer comprehensive enterprise-class security. The P3540 offers solid security from physical hardware protection to identity security with Kensington lock, TPM 2.0 chip (optional), webcam cover and fingerprint sensor.

The exclusive ASUS Business Manager utility suite – an easy-to-use PC management tool – allows you to easily backup and restore data, apply automatic updates or diagnose system status. In addition, the optional ASUS Control Center is a centralized management suite, supporting remote management features, monitoring hardware and software as well as easy-to-use optimization.

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