Asanzo announced the suspension of operation: What did Mr. Pham Van Tam say?

Tram Ho

Asanzo thông báo tạm dừng hoạt động: Ông Phạm Văn Tam nói gì? - Ảnh 1.

CEO Asanzo – Mr. Pham Van Tam has officially announced the announcement that this business is temporarily suspended due to financial inability.

Information is also updated on the website and fanpage of Asanzo.

According to Mr. Pham Van Tam, this is a must-do solution for Asanzo in this situation. “At present, we no longer have enough money to pay our employees. Workers have come to sit and play for months because they have no work to do, while businesses still have to pay them,” Tam said. .

According to CEO Asanzo, the shutdown is a temporary notice. The decision to stop or declare bankruptcy will be made by this business within about 1 month.

Mr. Pham Van Tam shared that Asanzo’s difficulty in the “allegations” of product origin fraud is that the authorities are slow to make conclusions.

In the near future, according to Mr. Pham Van Tam, this business is waiting for official announcements from the authorities. As planned, the deadline for making conclusions about “irregularities” of Asanzo is August 30, 2019. However, up to now, there has been no official announcement from the authorities. “If this period continues, the business will die,” said Asanzo representative.

Mr. Tam emphasized that, in addition to the conclusion of VCCI, this enterprise also received the conclusions of the General Department of Customs.

“The General Department of Customs also concluded the Asanzo case. The conclusion has been sent to the enterprise by the Customs. We are waiting for them to be announced to the press, “Tam said.

Talking about Asanzo’s future, Mr. Tam said, the company’s brand has been affected, consumers are confused and not confident about the product. Therefore, continuing to develop Asanzo is very difficult.

Yesterday, August 30, Asanzo Group Joint Stock Company officially announced to stop operating. The reason explained by Asanzo is that it is no longer financially capable.

Specifically, in the release to agents, customers and press agencies signed by Mr. Pham Van Tam, Asanzo said, August 30 is the deadline that the Prime Minister instructs to have inspection conclusions. Asanzo Group Joint Stock Company (Asanzo Company). This is also a 70-day mark since the publication of Tuoi Tre’s first article alleging that Asanzo fraudulently originated.

“In those 70 days, we spent at least VND 1 billion every day due to the paralyzed sales system but still had to pay the employees. That’s not to mention countless other operating expenses.

At the same time, the only impartial voice we received was from the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), which represents the competent business community and business associations in Vietnam. the right to issue certificates of origin of goods in international trade “, Asanzo’s announcement stated.

According to Asanzo, in the working minutes between the Working Group and Asanzo Company signed on July 30, 2019, VCCI’s origin verifiers concluded that “for the case of electronic products of Asanzo Company assembled in Vietnam from components purchased domestically or imported from abroad, the labeling of goods “made in Vietnam”, “manufactured in Vietnam”, “producing countries of Vietnam”, “exporting goods” Made in Vietnam “or” Made in Vietnam “is a legal regulation”.

Asanzo thông báo tạm dừng hoạt động: Ông Phạm Văn Tam nói gì? - Ảnh 2.

Asanzo’s notice addressed to dealers, customers and press agencies.

“However, the voice of VCCI is not a substitute for the inspection conclusions of the authorities, and cannot help us to end the chain of crisis days without spending and revenue. financially and mentally exhausted.

In the context of no conclusion of inspection, we are reluctant to announce the suspension of all production and business activities, except for maintenance and warranty activities to ensure after-purchase interests for consumers.

During the suspension period, Asanzo Company will try to ensure the rights of employees within the capabilities of the Company and in accordance with the law, “Asanzo said.

In addition, the company expressed its hope and wishes for an official inspection and examination conclusion to return to normal operation.

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Source : VTC News