As YouTube turns into a place for Vlogger to monetize with ‘spam videos’

Tram Ho

Vietnam is one of YouTube’s five goldmines, implying both double-digit growth in viewership in five markets per year. This is a revelation from parent company Google in 2019.

But it was not until the Vietnamese market exploded as it is now that content creators jumped into the game. From the early days of YouTube, Vietnamese people have known how to industrialize the content production line to make money on this video social network.

Big factory YouTube

Any money-making digital platform can be abused by a small group of users, and YouTube is no exception. Not long after opening monetization in 2007, YouTube welcomed the first generation of talented Vietnamese vloggers such as Toan Shinoda, Huyme or JVevermind.

With that, another small group saw an opportunity to get rich on YouTube land. That was when the first generations of YouTube factory “workers” came into being with only one production skill: reup.

Khi YouTube biến thành nơi để Vlogger kiếm tiền bằng video rác - Ảnh 1.

The clip of Hung Vlog’s chicken porridge cooking was removed by the owner, but reuploaded on many different channels.

Reup is a term that refers to content produced by taking back someone else’s, collage and aggregate to post on your channel for the purpose of making money. But in the early days, when YouTube did not tighten its content policy, reup was a gold mine to make money for Vietnamese. That’s because the work to do is simply take someone else’s video posted.

After a few years, this method was no longer effective when YouTube forcefully turned off monetizing such reup channels of Vietnamese people (term in the world called the storm).

Facing the high risk of unemployment, the “workers” of the YouTube “factory” in Vietnam struggled to find many directions, and one of them was to improve production methods. Reup today is much more sophisticated and methodical, plus many SEO tips, backlinks, cross subscriptions. ICTnews will cover these tips in the following articles.

When garbage is flooded “factory”

Before junk content was an indispensable part of YouTube, workers also had to tinker with various ways to attract viewers that were safe and not in violation of usage policies.

A lot of content was tested and at that time, children’s content was considered a gold mine. From dubbed cartoons or subtitles to baby-branded sensitive videos. The culmination of the Vietnamese authorities sanctioned the owner of the YouTube channel ‘Spiderman Frozen Marvel Superhero Real Life’ in 2017 for distributing a clip labeled children but with offensive, depraved content, violating pure customs. .

With the emergence of YouTube partnerships in the country (called networks), junk content for kids has gradually regained room for kids’ channels to have a good investment. , professional, copyrighted from abroad.

Khi YouTube biến thành nơi để Vlogger kiếm tiền bằng video rác - Ảnh 2.

Counterculture live food content is flooding YouTube

Another type of junk content that still exists until now is the trend of implementing challenges and pranks, according to the criterion, the more dangerous it is to attract viewers. So far, this genre still exists in Vietnam with many forms of mutation that are offensive, poisonous and harmful to viewers, but there is no effective way to completely eliminate them.

However, the most counterculture today must be the channels that take the topic of cuisine, using materials that are the dishes of ethnic minorities, but the content is completely viewable, giving the audience a misunderstanding.

These videos often focus on eating raw, eating animal organs without any preparation or using any marinated recipes. Although being exposed by viewers as completely false about the eating style of the Northwestern people in particular and ethnic minorities across the country in general, these videos still blatantly exist on YouTube with millions of views. .

The “factory” has been industrialized

Around the story of junk video content and the current bullshit YouTuber, experts all agree that it is difficult to eliminate this problem, both in the world and in Vietnam. A large part of this responsibility belongs to the viewers, followed by the responsibility of YouTube censorship, then the involvement of the authorities.

But even when the viewer acts as the first and prerequisite filter to remove the malicious video (by reporting it), can the junk clip disappear from YouTube? The most likely answer is no.

Khi YouTube biến thành nơi để Vlogger kiếm tiền bằng video rác - Ảnh 3.

A plow view for YouTube clips.

YouTube content production has now become an industrialization in Vietnam, with supporting industries making it easier for junk clips to rage. From teaching YouTube classes to running views, running like, running comments, pulling subscriptions, removing money … all turn producing dirty content for YouTube into a lucrative, money-making job. . In fact, only a few people who make clean content for YouTube are able to live with the profession, let alone dirty content.

Because such services are not without scams, but when supply and demand meet, people still rush to buy such services to push junk content on YouTube’s proposal. Even when blocked, people still find all kinds of ways to circumvent the law like the reup mentioned above.

YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Patreon or any other money-making platform have been, and will be, with the participation of the Vietnamese community of digital content. The spam content that rages in the digital environment will not be stopped once these platforms still have policies to stimulate demand with huge income, creating a dream of changing lives for young people.

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