As ingenious as Apple: Not only the iPhone, any product sold is also in “super cycle”

Tram Ho

Last week, Apple posted impressive business results, with revenue growing 54%. The company also announced to buy back up to $ 90 billion of treasury shares.

However, although we often talk about the outstanding sales that the iPhone brings and the huge revenue from services, the last quarter cannot ignore the growth of 2 products, Mac and iPad. .

Not only is Apple in a super cycle for the iPhone, but nearly every product it sells is in a super cycle.

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Take a look at the results for the Mac and iPad sales for the second quarter. Revenue from Mac reached $ 9.1 billion, up 70.1% from a year ago. Revenue from iPad reached 7.8 billion USD, up 78.9% from a year ago.

Those are impressive numbers for two products that Apple has neglected in recent years. Before 2020, the story of the Mac is that Apple temporarily set aside the computer segment to focus on the most profitable machine, the iPhone. From last year, the story began to change. Macs and iPads created a storm after Apple released its own computer chip – the M1, and coincided with a time of pandemic that caused demand for remote work equipment exploded.

Although the pandemic has a significant impact, Apple believes that the M1 chip plays a significant role. CEO Tim Cook specifically noted that the M1 chip helped explosive growth, especially after Apple demonstrated that the chip could perform on par or even better than Intel’s chips.

Apple also installed M1 chips for the new iPad Pro models, which started on sale last Friday and will ship in May. Apple hopes that by adding power to the iPad will make a splash. Develop new software to make this device more useful. If Apple can do that, the iPad Pro will become an alternative for those who want to use tablets instead of traditional laptops.

And there are reasons to be optimistic about the Mac in the final months of the year, when Apple will redesign its laptops and possibly use the latest generation chips in these devices.

However, there is still one stone in the way of Apple’s ambitions: the shortage of chips globally. Cook and his team have also acknowledged that some of the components needed for Apple devices could be under pressure of under-supply. However, they are quite optimistic about the ability to solve this problem. And let’s not forget what made Tim Cook’s name in the business world: he’s a supply chain and logistics genius.

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