Artificial intelligence puts 10,000 UK telecom workers out of work

Tram Ho

BT Group – the largest telecommunications group in the UK, recently announced a plan to cut 55,000 employees, of which about 10,000 jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI), between now and 2030. Currently, BT Group has a total staff of about 130,000 people. Thus, BT Group is planning to lay off up to 42% of the total number of employees.

Philip Janse, CEO of BT Group, said that digitization, automation and AI will help improve work efficiency. BT Group is the company that filed the most AI patents in the UK. AI will help BT replace some employees in the IT and digital services departments.

Trí tuệ nhân tạo khiến 10.000 nhân viên viễn thông ở Anh mất việc - Ảnh 1.

Currently, BT Group is using chatbot to conduct many customer service conversations and get good feedback from users. In addition, traffic to the corporate network is also being managed by AI, previously these were labor-intensive tasks.

BT Group’s plan to lay off staff comes after the UK’s largest network operator completed the rollout of fiber optic cable nationwide. Accordingly, when the plan is completed, the company’s workforce will be reduced from 130,000 to 75,000-90,000 employees.

According to the explanation of many experts, BT Group’s move was made to save business operating costs in the context that network operators still have to invest heavily in network development despite the decline of the whole industry.

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Source : Genk