Apply these 5 helpful tips to Xcode

Tram Ho

1. Search using RegEx:

Steps :

  • Select File Navigator from the menu on the left side of Xcode
  • Switch the Text preference mode to Regular Expression
  • Now we can find the type using RegEx

2. Open a project from Terminal with Xcode

We can open the Xcode project from Terminal. If run the command xed. in the project’s index directory, it will open the project directly.

3. See the interface of class or struct files

If you want to quickly see the parameters and methods used in the object, this tip is very useful.

  • Open the Class or Struct file
  • Using the shortcut ⌘⌃ ↑ (Cmd + Ctrl + ↑)
  • Xcode will automatically create the interface of that object

4. Quickly access methods and variables in the object

You can access any method or parameter in an object using the Jump Bar.

  • Use ⌃6 (Ctrl + 6) in class or struct file
  • The Jump bar will be opened for the list of methods and parameters in the object
  • You can choose the method or variable you want to access directly, or you can filter the list with text input for faster access.

5. Observe the variables while debugging

You see the state of the application while debugging with the Xcode breakpoint is fine, but when you want to observe the change in the variable you want to see the change of a command line the following is effective.

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