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A person's working capacity is reflected in his or her performance and productivity. Therefore, there are many applications that have been developed to help users capture information and manage jobs quickly and easily. The following article will introduce you to 8 applications with outstanding features to help you manage your work effectively.

Google Keep

The free memo app "Google Keep" is a multifunctional application with many useful features in the business field such as reminders, recording and photo storage, … Besides, it also has high compatibility, Users can use it on computers, iPhone, Android, etc. So if you install this application, it will be very useful for you so you can save any ideas that arise.

With this application you can create a list of notes or separate them individually. In addition, recording can automatically be converted into text, reminders are displayed by specific location or time, helping you manage multiple appointments easily.


The "feedly" application allows you to collect and check information instantly. This application is also compatible with computers, iPhone and Android and it is also provided free to users. It can be said that this is the perfect application to help you capture the latest information in each field.

A great advantage of "feedly" is that you can customize the information you want to receive. You can easily check the latest information related to other companies in the same industry or information related to work, … This application is also suitable for those who want to catch the breaking news , press releases quickly. In addition, you can also filter and read articles with a large number of hits, which will help you capture the latest trends in the shortest time.

Besides, you can also categorize information by category to make viewing easier. This app not only helps you gather information but also helps you improve your skills when planning.


Have you ever been in a situation so busy that you didn't have time to check out all the important information or articles? For those who frequently meet this situation, the "Pocket" application will be the most suitable application. You can save news and articles on the Internet to read later. This application can also be used on both computers and iPhone and Android, so it is quite useful for users.

For example, you can use "Pocket" to gather information, articles and view them at the time you have free time. Moreover, when you save this information you can view them even when you are offline.


This is the perfect application for users who want to capture business news quickly and efficiently. This application can be used on computers, iOS and Android, it helps users collect the latest top information in all areas of business. In the paid version of 1,500 yen / month, you will be able to view as many articles and videos as you want including domestic and foreign.

The outstanding feature of "NewsPicks" is that you can get news with comments from experts and celebrities in different fields. With the articles you see, it is merely collecting information, but when these articles include a comment, you will increase your ability to think and expand your understanding. This application will serve as a training tool, helping you expand thinking capacity in the business context.


"Sansan" is a card management application on the cloud platform, which helps users to save data only by using their smartphone to take a photo. This application can also be used on PC, iOS and Android to help you manage a large number of business cards at the same time.

Information entered from business cards can be shared to individuals or throughout the company. In addition, you can also automatically create customer lists. Moreover, with this application you can also export CSV file so creating a customer list is also easier.


"Eight" is a personal card management application on the cloud platform for individuals. It supports both iPhone and Android, with this application you just need to use your phone to capture the business card image, the data will be saved immediately. This is a pretty suitable application for busy entrepreneurs because it will automatically identify without entering your hand.

When you have multiple partners, memorizing business cards will have many limitations, so with this application you can use the memo function to record the characteristics of the partner or the content of the conversation, … Basically, users can use the free version, but with the paid version, this application will be better supported.


"Trello" is a task-based task management application. This application will classify tasks by category such as "inprogress", "done", "waiting confirm", … and manage, move the card in the same way as sticking cards on the board. Application compatibility is also quite high, users can use it on PC, iPhone, Android.

This application is not just for individuals but the team can also use it to manage work progress. When using this application, you will know which state the task is in, thus controlling the progress of the overall work. Members in the team can also easily capture and share work anywhere.

Moreover, this application is also linked to the "Slack" tool, which will help users manage their work in a centralized way while also performing tasks more efficiently.


The "netprint" application allows users to print documents, PDFs and photos using 7-Eleven photocopiers, so it is quite suitable for those who often have to travel outside. Besides, it can be used on PC, iPhone and Android so users can easily print and prepare documents anywhere.

In addition, users can use the application without registration. However, when registering, you can save the data within 1 week from the registration date, the printing of the document can also be done at any time during that 1 week period.


To improve work efficiency, taking advantage of free time is essential. Therefore, smartphones are often maximized in these cases. And when you use it with the app, it will increase the productivity of the work, they help you work faster and more accurately.

So why don't you try using these apps to help yourself improve your work efficiency?

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