Apple’s VR glasses will cost up to $ 3,000, equipped with an 8K screen with dozens of cameras

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Following a report from January this year, it is no secret that Apple is developing the virtual reality glasses or augmented reality. Now a new report from The Information shows even more details about the wearable – especially an important detail, its potential price in the future.

The Information report reinforces many details in the Bloomberg report, including the mesh material on the surface of the product to lighten the device’s weight and its high price tag. But the Information report also gives more details: the price of this VR headset can be up to nearly $ 3,000, many times higher than today’s VR wearable devices. For example, the Oculus Quest 2, Facebook’s standalone VR headset, costs only $ 299.

Kính VR của Apple sẽ có giá đến 3.000 USD, trang bị màn hình 8K với hàng chục camera - Ảnh 1.

An image believed to be the design of this device is also revealed, seemingly the result of borrowing ideas on many other Apple devices. These include a replaceable strap similar to the Apple Watch, or a mesh fabric like the HomePod speaker surface.

There are also many other interesting details about this rumored device, for example it supports both VR and AR apps, thanks to the dozens of cameras mounted on it (for tracking hand movements) and LiDAR sensors (to room mapping, similar to AR effect on iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro).

It is also said to feature an 8K display with eye-tracking technology, so that it can deliver resolutions far beyond current VR devices on the market. But since this feature will be a drain on the battery, Apple wearables don’t work at this resolution all the time.

Kính VR của Apple sẽ có giá đến 3.000 USD, trang bị màn hình 8K với hàng chục camera - Ảnh 2.

Instead, the device will use eye-tracking technology to determine where the user is looking and then render neighboring areas at a lower resolution to improve performance – this is also a good idea. The technique commonly seen in the VR field is called foveated rendering.)

The chip of this device will also be Apple and have the same architecture as the Apple Silicon chip, but with much more powerful performance than the M1 chip currently used on the company’s Mac computers.

Apple is reportedly testing a variety of control methods, including hand-eye tracking, a button on the edge of the wearable, and a “bracelet-like” accessory. Even so, the final decision has yet to be made.

As a VR device that incorporates a number of other AR functions, it is seen as a stepping stone for Apple towards an ultimate goal: a compact AR glasses, similar to conventional glasses.

A report in 2019 says that Apple will launch VR glasses in 2022 and the aforementioned “Apple Glass” AR glasses will be released in 2023. However, the Covid-19 pandemic may have changed the times. this term.

Refer to The Verge

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