Apple’s AirPower multi-device wireless charging dock is still not completely dead

Tram Ho

When Apple first revealed the AirPower wireless charging pad, there was a lot of interest and excitement. A wireless charging pad that can charge multiple devices at the same time, without having to be precisely positioned to charge, sleek and true to Apple’s style. But unfortunately, AirPower was killed by Apple when it was never released to the public.

Apple has announced that they will no longer develop the AirPower charging dock, and this has disappointed many Apple fans. The reason is that a wireless charging pad for multiple devices at the same time has a rather complicated structure and many problems, such as overheating while charging. However, we still see similar charging docks on the market.


Đế sạc không dây nhiều thiết bị AirPower của Apple vẫn chưa bị khai tử hoàn toàn - Ảnh 1.

But it seems that the AirPower project is not completely over. According to the latest report by Bloomberg, Apple is quietly working towards a wireless charger for multiple devices at the same time, the idea is identical to AirPower. It’s like an improved version of the never-before-seen AirPower charging dock.

Although Apple has launched the MagSafe Duo charging dock, which helps to charge both iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. However, basically MagSafe Duo is still just two separate MagSafe charging docks that are attached together. It’s not a wireless charging pad that you can place any Apple device on to charge and place multiple devices at the same time.

The AirPower charging dock was discontinued because of many unresolved issues, but the idea of ​​such a device from Apple still exists, and it is not easy for Apple to give up when they think this device will become a device. integral part of its ecosystem. The problem is how to make this second generation AirPower charging dock not follow in the footsteps of the past.

Besides, Bloomberg’s report also revealed that Apple is quietly working on backward compatible wireless charging technology. This is not a new technology, but has been used by Android smartphone manufacturers since many years ago. But Apple has never integrated backward-compatible wireless charging into its devices.

“Apple imagined a future where all of its devices could charge each other,” Bloomberg reports . An iPad can charge an iPhone, or an iPhone can charge an AirPods or Apple Watch.”

However, when Apple will launch the wireless charging dock and backward compatible wireless charging technology, there is still no answer.

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