Apple will probably remove the lightning port on the iPhone, but it is because it is forced

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Apple has been using lightning connectors on iPhones since 2012. And although there have been rumors that Apple will remove the lightning port to replace it with USB-C, so far that change has not become. realistic. Although, Apple has actually removed the lightning port to replace it with USB-C on iPad Pro.

A recent development can help accelerate this change process, even if Apple does not want it to take place. According to a report by MacRumors, legislators in Europe have been arguing about a new law.

Apple có thể sẽ loại bỏ cổng lightning trên iPhone, nhưng là vì bị ép buộc - Ảnh 1.

This law will force all smartphone and tablet manufacturers to use the same standard connector on their devices. The European Union has also encouraged manufacturers to do so, but it is not required. After that, nobody noticed using the same standard port.

Apple still uses its proprietary lightning port, while Android smartphone manufacturers use the USB-C port to replace microUSB. Lawmakers argue that the use of a single standard port on all mobile devices will avoid monopoly and benefit users.

A vote will soon take place. There are currently three types of connectors on smartphones, Apple’s lightning, USB-C is quite popular and microUSB is only available on a few low-end devices. Therefore, USB-C seems to be the option, if this rule is made.

Apple responded to this idea, arguing that enforcing the use of a single standard port would prevent innovation. And since more than 1 billion Apple devices are currently using lightning ports, the conversion will generate an enormous amount of electronic waste.

Apple’s move indicates that the iPhone manufacturer is still not ready to replace lightning with USB-C. While this is also something that many iPhone users desire. However, the only recent change Apple has included USB-C charger support fast charging in the iPhone 11 Pro box.

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