Apple will not force you to update to iOS 15 from iOS 14

Tram Ho

During the WWDC 2021 event last night, Apple officially launched the all-new iOS 15 operating system, with many worthwhile upgrades. However, Apple will not force users to update to iOS 15, if they want to continue using iOS 14.

Apple says it has changed the way iOS software is updated. Instead of a single update, users can simply choose to download or not. The upcoming iOS updates will be divided into two options.

Apple sẽ không bắt buộc bạn phải cập nhật lên iOS 15 từ iOS 14 - Ảnh 1.

“iOS will offer a choice of two software updates in the Settings app. You can choose to update to the latest version of iOS 15 as soon as it’s released, for new features. Or you can choose to continue using iOS 14 and only download critical security updates, until you’re ready to update to a newer iOS , Apple said.

Apple’s aim is to make sure users receive important updates. As a result, users can safely use iOS 14 version, without having to update to iOS 15 with concerns about instability and possible errors.

Reference: appleinsider

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