Apple will allow smartphone repair shops to buy iPhone components

Tram Ho

Apple is a well-known company specializing in selling replacement parts for its products, because it does not want them to be sold in the ‘Black Market’ markets. But it seems that the company is ready to loosen the policy, and will let outside smartphone repair shops be allowed to buy ‘genuine iPhone components’ .

Apple sẽ cho phép các cửa hàng sửa chữa smartphone ngoài mua linh kiện iPhone - Ảnh 1.

In the past to do this, stores had to register to become an ‘Authorized Apple Service Agency.’ But there are many stores that don’t want to do this, as they will have to pay a fee to Apple, furthermore restricting the services provided to customers.

By eliminating this troublesome procedure, Apple allows the majority of licensed repair shops to buy components, as long as only one store employee receives an Apple repair certificate (the process training provided by the company for free). The company will provide components, hardware tools and software to make repair work easier. Currently the new policy applies only in the US, but in the future will open to other countries around the globe.

Apple sẽ cho phép các cửa hàng sửa chữa smartphone ngoài mua linh kiện iPhone - Ảnh 2.

Apple does not announce the price of these components, but in an exposed document, the iPhone battery will be quite reasonable ($ 16 – 33), but the screen is priced higher than the repair service. Apple provided. Although the higher price means Apple will have to have a better warranty for these components, but also makes it difficult for stores to perform repairs.

Kyle Wiens, a reporter for iFixit, said: “Although Apple’s new policy is moving towards an open market for electronic device repair, on the contrary, high component prices will be an obstacle. big with stores and individuals who are intending to extend the life of the iPhone. “

He also said that Apple is still ‘putting itself at the center’ with the right to refuse to sell components to any stores it deems unqualified; or make a big profit from repairs made by selling components at a higher price than the market.

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ