Apple was collectively ‘unmasked’ by employees

Tram Ho

According to information shared on Twitter by the #AppleToo group, so far, they have received nearly 500 responses and hundreds of stories of racism, sexism, discrimination, retaliation, bullying. Bullying, sexual harassment and other forms of sexual assault occur within Apple. All of them have one thing in common: they are dismissed by the human resources department.

Apple bị nhân viên ‘bóc phốt’ tập thể - Ảnh 1.

The group plans to share stories from August 30, after completing guidance on how to report to outside labor organizations like the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

#AppleToo started collecting comments last week, currently has about 15 members, some of them high-ranking officials. On the website, the group writes: “Apple has been free from public scrutiny for a long time. The truth is, for many Apple employees, a culture of secrecy has created a turbid, intimidating fortress. We hold accountable and address the persistent injustices we see or experience, we are isolated, demoted and psychologically manipulated.” According to this group, they talked to the management, human resources department… but nothing changed.

This may be why they decided to start the #AppleToo movement. It is named after a movement most famously known as #MeToo, where victims of sexual harassment and abuse share their own stories and expose particular perpetrators at work.

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Source : Genk