Apple warns of a risk of cracking a MacBook screen because of using a camera cover

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The problem is that most laptops are not designed to attach accessories to screens, no matter how small the item is – and that’s why Apple has to post a scene. Announcement on its website last week.

Accordingly, Apple currently dedicated a support website just to advise MacBook users to avoid closing the laptop lid when attaching a camera cover, which could lead to screen damage.

If you close the lid of a Mac laptop while attaching a camera cover, you can cause the screen to be damaged by the space between the screen and the keyboard designed to have very little clearance, ” Apple writes. ” Covering the camera can also obstruct the environment light sensor and prevent features like automatic brightness adjustment and True Tone from working correctly. Instead of using a camera cover, take advantage of Use the camera indicator light to see when your camera is active, and choose which apps can use the camera in System Preferences . ”

The fact that Apple has dedicated a page on the website to warn users comes from a series of complaints posted by owners of MacBooks online, that their screens cracked or damaged after covering the camera. . The good news is that a cracked screen is warranted in the AppleCare + package because it is considered to be a form of accidental damage.

Apple cảnh báo nguy cơ nứt vỡ màn hình MacBook vì sử dụng miếng che camera - Ảnh 1.

A MacBook Air with camera cover

To convince MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air users to use a camera cap, Apple further explained that the FaceTime HD camera ” was designed to ensure your privacy, and has a blue camera flash. when the camera is activated, so you’ll always know when the camera is on . ” In addition, in macOS Mojave and later, ” you can control which applications are allowed access to the integrated camera “.

If the job requires you to use a camera cover, or you simply can’t live without it, Apple offers some helpful tips:

– Make sure the camera cover is no thicker than a normal print paper (0.1mm)

– Avoid using camera covers that can leave glue on the screen

– If you attach a 0.1mm thick camera cover, remove it before closing the computer cover.

Privacy is a must, but you certainly don’t want to risk and ruin your expensive MacBook screen. If you feel you need to use a camera cover, don’t forget to remove it before closing the lid!

Reference: BGR

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