Apple wants to turn “Slofie” into a new trend through this series of ads

Tram Ho

Slofie is defined as a slow-motion selfie. And Apple was the first company to use this term when it launched the iPhone 11 generation in September.

Apple muốn biến “Slofie” trở thành xu hướng mới thông qua loạt quảng cáo này - Ảnh 1.

And like many times, Apple has always wanted to highlight the brightest features on the iPhone through promotional videos. In a series of ads recently launched on YouTube, Apple has once again bragged about the slofie feature on the iPhone 11.

Although the commercials were not surprising to viewers, this feature was previously demonstrated by Apple on the stage of the launch of the new iPhone.

But this is how Apple can assert the “sovereignty” best with its features. And yet Apple even registered the trademark “slofie” in the US a few months ago. In fact, so far, Apple is the only company to use the term for its device feature.

Apple muốn biến “Slofie” trở thành xu hướng mới thông qua loạt quảng cáo này - Ảnh 2.

With the slofie feature, you can absolutely create a great selfie video with incredibly slow-motion frames. What’s impressive is that Apple has included 120fps slow-motion video recording on the selfie camera instead of just the rear camera.

Readers can watch an interesting series of slofie ads on iPhone 11 below:

Advertise the slofie feature when taking a group shot on iPhone 11

Slofie in the rain with iPhone 11

Play with the slofie feature on iPhone 11

Shooting slofie on an iPhone 11 also needs a rhythm

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