Apple sued in China for selling iPhone without charger

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Students in China sued Apple for not including a charger for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. They claim the included USB-C to Lightning cable is not compatible with other chargers, making it impossible for them to charge the phone as advertised.

The plaintiffs also do not believe Apple’s waste reduction claims. The students argued that Apple was just using this as an excuse to advertise the MagSafe wireless charger, which wastes more energy than wired chargers. They want Apple to provide the charger as well as pay legal fees and compensate 100 yuan ($16) for breach of contract.

Apple bị kiện tại Trung Quốc vì bán iPhone không kèm sạc - Ảnh 1.

According to the report, Apple argued to the Beijing court that other companies also often sell phones without chargers, noting that the packaging of the iPhone 12 makes it clear that no charger is included. However, the students pointed out that many Chinese companies offer users choice. For example, you can buy Xiaomi Mi 11 with or without a charger.

The lawsuit is still ongoing and has since gone viral on Weibo, where students seek support.

Suing Apple for such a small amount may seem odd, but it can have a big impact. As reported by the Global Times, a Chinese student sued Shanghai Disney Resort in 2019 for just 50 yuan ($7) for not allowing customers to bring food into the park – Disney later sued. make concessions and agree to pay.

This is not the first time Apple has faced legal problems for not providing chargers. Earlier this year, a Brazilian regulator fined Apple $2 million for not including a charger for the iPhone 12, alleging that Apple was deceiving customers by selling the device without a charger.

Reference: Engadget

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