Apple sued Epic, calling the creator Fortnite a brazen lawbreaker against the App Store

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The legal battle between Apple and Epic has just turned to another turning point when Apple is filing a lawsuit against Epic against violating its contract with the App Store on iOS to avoid paying millions of dollars in fees. In addition, Apple also asked the court to force Epic to compensate for these damages and prohibit the company from doing anything similar in the future.

Epic’s blatant disregard for the terms of the contract and other misconduct has caused great harm to Apple .” The lawsuit said. ” If left unchecked, Epic’s behavior threatens the survival of the iOS ecosystem and its immense value to consumers .”

Even though Epic sees itself as the modern Robin Hood of the business, in reality it’s a multibillion-dollar company that just wants not to pay for the enormous value it gets from the App Store . ” Apple’s lawsuit adds.

Apple kiện ngược Epic, gọi cha đẻ Fortnite là kẻ phá luật trơ trẽn đối với App Store - Ảnh 1.

In its lawsuit, Apple also asked Epic to return any money they earned from Fortnite players selling vBucks for 20% cheaper than the App Store selling price. Apple accuses Epic of making more than $ 600 million from the App Store and is now looking to avoid paying commission fees by launching a legal attack on the app store.

The fact that Apple filed an Epic reverse lawsuit is seen as a blow to a new petition filed by Epic over the weekend, asking a court to force Apple to bring the Fortnite game back to the App Store. This is seen as a defensive blow for Apple to that petition.

Even without Apple’s counter-lawsuit, a recent court order of interim restraining orders suggests that Fortnite is unlikely to return to the App Store in the near future. In that ruling, the court ordered Apple not to take action against developers using Epic’s Unreal Engine, but also said that Fortnite’s removal from the App Store was due to Epic, so it would not force it. Apple must bring this game back.

Epic’s response to Apple’s counter-lawsuit will arrive on September 18, before a full hearing between the parties on September 28.

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