Apple successfully appealed a fine of $ 14.8 billion in European taxes

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In a surprising turn of events, Apple and Ireland won the appeal against a European tax penalty – a verdict requiring Apple to pay a whopping $ 14.8 billion.

If you do not know, in August 2016, the European Commission (EC) ordered Apple to pay the unthinkable amount. According to the EU, in 2014, Apple was only subject to a very low tax rate, 0.005% of its total profits in the European market. The reason for this is thought to stem in part from a fairly good deal it received in Ireland.

Apple paid its most recent tax in September 2018. However, the company consistently insists on always paying all its debts, even if it is a penny. While the case is being resolved, that money was kept in an intermediary account in Ireland.

In today’s ruling, the EU Court of First Instance denied the previous EC decision. The court said that Apple received no ” selective economic advantage ” under Irish tax policies.

The Irish Ministry of Finance expressed its agreement with the verdict. In a press release, the agency said that ” Ireland has always been transparent that no special treatment is given to Apple. Ireland has correctly collected the tax Apple needs to pay, and that such tax is in line with the Irish tax regulations “.

Apple kháng cáo thành công án phạt 14,8 tỷ USD tiền thuế của châu Âu - Ảnh 1.

Apple Ireland

The process by which Apple appeals a European tax penalty

Ireland’s involvement in the incident can be said to be quite confusing. According to the 2016 ruling, Ireland is the party that will receive the money. However, the country has sought to help Apple appeal to avoid payment. One reason to explain this is probably because Apple is a company that creates significant amounts of jobs for the people of Ireland. Ireland’s protection of Apple also aims to protect its own reputation: a tax haven that welcomes every company around the world.

Ireland finally had to receive money from Apple years ago – though it only did so after being legally threatened by the EU. Yesterday, an Irish politician said that in case Apple lost the case today, Ireland would make itself a ” economic treason ” if it did not accept the money from Apple – the money would be possible. used to improve local services.

The ruling today may – and probably will – be appealed to the European Court of Justice. ” I think that whatever the ruling, the case will almost certainly be appealed by one side or the other to the European Court of Justice ” – Irish Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said.

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