Apple said the total App Store sales reached $ 517 billion last year

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On Monday, Apple released a new study by economic consulting firm Analysis Group that the App Store has an estimated total sales of $ 517 billion in 2019, including all revenue from tangible products, services, and digital products.

Despite such a huge number, Apple said it only earned 30% of the $ 61 billion in sales with revenues related to digital products. The biggest categories in that category include mobile games, as well as in-app purchases, subscription fees and paid apps. In-app advertising, most of which is for mobile games, accounts for $ 45 billion.

Apple cho biết tổng doanh số giao dịch trên App Store đạt tới 517 tỷ USD vào năm ngoái - Ảnh 1.

According to the study, for the remaining sales – including sales of ride-hailing apps and food delivery and phone retail stores of Best Buy and Target – up to $ 413 billion, Apple did not. gain nothing from it.

But why are these numbers so important that Apple has to announce them? That’s because the company wants that, not only developers but even regulators, must see the App Store as a diverse and broad economy – or in Apple’s term – “dynamic.” , compete and grow. ”

This is all the more important when the iPhone maker and many other tech giants are under increased scrutiny from Washington. The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission are now monitoring whether giants like Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are having too much power and engaging in non-competitive behavior.

Apple cho biết tổng doanh số giao dịch trên App Store đạt tới 517 tỷ USD vào năm ngoái - Ảnh 2.

In particular, Apple is facing a lot of criticism for its 30% revenue deduction, which reduces the ability of the service to compete with them on it, such as Spotify when facing the Apple Music service. There is also another lawsuit from the developers that Apple is operating the App Store as a monopoly. The case between Apple and Spotify is also being investigated by the European Union EU.

The increased pressure from regulators has made Apple some more friendly behavior towards rivals and users, such as allowing Siri to support Spotify. In addition, Apple is also actively promoting the company’s image to developers as a common beneficiary in a symbiotic ecosystem, rather than a dictator of the platform.

Another thing worth noting in the App Store’s total sales report shows that the US accounts for less than half of the $ 517 billion in total sales. In total, US consumers only brought in US $ 138 billion, while China contributed US $ 246 billion of the above sales. No wonder why Apple is so fond of China.

Refer to The Verge

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