Apple released the iOS 14.2.1 update, fixing a series of critical bugs on the iPhone 12

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Apple has just released the iOS 14.2.1 update, which fixes a series of serious bugs on the iPhone 12 series. Including fix touch on the lock screen of the iPhone 12, fix the error of not receiving messages and many other small errors.

In fact, iOS 14.2.1 is only available for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple ra mắt bản cập nhật iOS 14.2.1, sửa hàng loạt lỗi nghiêm trọng trên iPhone 12 - Ảnh 1.

One of the bugs that large numbers of iPhone 12 users are experiencing is not receiving messages. As one user said: “I ran into issues on a brand new iPhone 12 Pro. It seems to happen in SMS messages, where the contact is not using an iPhone, making chatting impossible . IOS 14.2.1 update helps to completely fix this error thanks to MMS improvements.

iOS 14.2.1 also solves the sound problem of some wirelessly connected devices, when paired with iPhone 12. Apple says this error causes sound quality issues when you play music from iPhone. .

Finally, iOS 14.2.1 helps fix the touch error on the lock screen, especially for iPhone 12 mini users. Some users have reported this error on Apple’s support forum, which occurs when the iPhone 12 mini is screened and covered with a protective case, causing the lock screen to not receive touch responses from human manipulation. use.

iOS 14.2.1 is out today, for all iPhone 12 series iPhone users and upgradeable using OTA.

Reference: 9to5mac

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