Apple released iOS 13.5 officially for developers

Tram Ho

iOS 13.5 is considered to be an update reserved exclusively for COVID-19.

In the early hours of this morning (May 19), Apple officially launched the official version of iOS 13.5 for developers (also known as iOS 13.5 GM).

iOS 13.5 brought several important features to the iPhone and iPad related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The most important feature is the COVID-19 exposure detection. This is the result of a partnership between Apple and Google, allowing smartphones running iOS and Android to communicate with each other via bluetooth.

If one user is positive for COVID-19, all others who have been in contact with the patient will receive a warning. To avoid abuse of privacy, only government-developed applications are authorized to access the user’s contact history. In addition, if users do not want to participate in contact tracking program, they can completely turn off that feature.

Apple tung ra iOS 13.5 chính thức dành cho lập trình viên - Ảnh 1.

Another important feature on iOS 13.5 is that it makes it easier for users to unlock their device when wearing a mask. Users will still not be able to unlock using Face ID when wearing a mask, however, the passcode table (Passcode) will appear faster, thereby saving more time.

The password input table (passcode) appears faster when the user wears a mask.

In addition, iOS 13.5 also brings a number of improvements / fixes such as the FaceTime group interface less “eye strain”, or an error when users only see a black screen when watching videos online.

Expected, iOS 13.5 will be launched in a few days to end users. And if you can’t wait anymore.

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Source : Techtalk