Apple released iOS 13.4 and watchOS 6.2 GM versions: many changes and bug fixes

Tram Ho

Apple has just released iOS 13.4 GM and watchOS 6.2 GM for developers, thereby also fully note the new changes on these two platforms. The official iOS and iPadOS 13.4 are expected to be updated on March 24.

Changes on iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 GM:

Keyboard and trackpad:

  • Supports Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad to adapt to the new mouse cursor (Cursor)
  • Support use with the new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro
  • Support more other third-party bluetooth mouse
  • Fully supports two or three-finger swiping to multitask, scroll, switch apps, highlight, zoom in and out, etc. on Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.


  • Support for sharing iCloud Drive on Files app
  • Can restrict who access the file and privilege someone to see, edit, …


  • 9 new Memoji expressions


  • Always show tools to delete, move, reply or compose mail in the menu bar below
  • When you reply to an encrypted email, the email response is also encrypted, such as using S / MIME to secure your mail.

App Store and Apple Arcade:

  • Universal Purchase support for applications on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, you can read more about Universal Purchase (one-time payment on multiple platforms) HERE
  • There will be a “continue” tab on Apple Arcade, even if you switch from iPhone to iPad and click on this tab, you can continue playing the Arcade game you are playing.
  • Apple Arcade updates the list to see the entire game


  • AR Quick Look supports audio in USDZ format

Virtual Keyboard:

  • Automatic conversion for Chinese language – Zhuyin badges without changing words by pressing the space key.
  • Similarly when you translate the Japanese Hiragana into national language or katakana
  • Support pressing Arabic language keyboard
  • German – Swiss keyboard layout support on 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  • The 12.9-inch iPad Pro keyboard layout will be the same size as the new Magic Keyboard


  • Fix camera error when opened with black screen
  • Fix image library error taking too much space of the machine
  • Fix error of sharing images via messages if the messaging app is off
  • Fix errors in mail when messages appear cluttered
  • Fix errors in mail when the mail conversation shows up blank
  • Fix email error when the application exits automatically if the share button is clicked
  • Fix mobile network error not shown on the screen
  • Fix website not displaying as smart invert when this mode is on
  • Fix the error of not being able to copy / paste when copying a certain part of the webpage and pasting when the device is in dark mode
  • Fix bug full screen capture on Safari
  • Fix error of displaying notifications when reminders are repeated
  • Fix error of displaying notifications when reminders are completed
  • Fix iCloud Drive error displayed on Pages, KeyNote, Numbers apps, although not signed in to iCloud
  • Fix video quality on Apple Music that is of poor quality
  • Fix the error in the Smart home application (Home) when touching the notification of the security camera, then activate the camera to record a new record
  • Fix error of not displaying Shortcuts when clicking share item on the screenshot
  • Further remedy of punctuation, pictograms in the Myanmar language (Burmese)
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Source : Techtalk