Apple must apologize to WordPress, for making a completely free app have a payment system and pay Apple 30% commission.

Tram Ho

On Friday last week, the developer community got a hit again, after Apple successfully forced WordPress to add an in-app payment system. While WordPress is a completely free app, Apple forces them to sell seemingly premium plans for a 30% commission fee.

Apple phải xin lỗi WordPress, vì bắt một ứng dụng hoàn toàn miễn phí phải có hệ thống thanh toán và trả cho Apple 30% hoa hồng - Ảnh 1.

Quite surprisingly, right after that, Apple accepted a step back. Apple has officially apologized to WordPress and pledged not to force the application to add to the in-app payment system anymore. Here is Apple’s statement:

“We believe the problem with WordPress is resolved. The developer has removed the in-app billing feature, it’s now a completely free app and no longer needs a payment system We have notified the developer and apologized for any What confusion did we cause?

The WordPress app on iOS allows users to build and manage websites right on an iPhone or iPad – and it’s completely free. On the web interface, WordPress sells beautiful domains and web theme packages, but not on apps. These domain name or web theme purchases do not appear in the app at all and therefore WordPress does not include in-app payment options.

WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg also denies that WordPress has sent an update that allows iOS users to purchase premium plans through the app. Perhaps this is the cause of the misunderstanding, causing Apple to ban this update and require WordPress to have an in-app billing system.

Reference: theverge

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