Apple limits the maximum amount of RAM an app can “eat” on iPadOS to 5GB, even if the iPad Pro M1 has 16GB of RAM

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The iPad Pro M1 comes in two memory configurations: while the 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB models have 8GB of RAM, the 1TB and 2TB models have 16GB of RAM, the highest amount of RAM ever offered to any iPad model. which. However, even with such an unprecedented amount of memory, app developers say they are only really allowed to use a fraction of that amount.

Specifically, on the Procreate forum, the developer behind the graphics and design application Artstudio Pro posted an article with the content: apps can only use 5GB of RAM on the newly launched iPad Pro M1. According to the developer, any attempt to overuse that RAM will cause the app to crash.

There is a big problem with iPad Pro M1. After doing the tests on iPad Pro M1 with 16GB of RAM, it turns out that the application can only use 5GB of RAM! If we allocate more, the application will crash It’s only 0.5GB more than the older iPads with 6GB of RAM! I don’t think it’s any better with the iPad 8GB of RAM.

After rolling out the ultimate app update for the M1, Procreate also pointed out on Twitter that whether you own an iPad Pro M1 8GB or 16GB of RAM, the app is limited in how much RAM it can use.

Apple giới hạn lượng RAM tối đa 1 ứng dụng có thể ăn trên iPadOS là 5GB, kể cả khi iPad Pro M1 có 16GB RAM - Ảnh 1.

iPad Pro M1 1TB and 2TB versions with up to 16GB of RAM

The maximum amount of RAM ever equipped for an iPad before the iPad Pro M1 appeared was 6GB of RAM on last year’s iPad Pro. With such RAM, the 5GB RAM limit that iPadOS offers per app is probably not a concern, because developers can already make use of most of the available memory. However, on the iPad Pro M1, developers can’t take full advantage of the massive hardware Apple has to offer.

The sheer amount of RAM, especially on the 1TB and 2TB models, is still beneficial for users, as it allows them to keep more apps open in the background. iPadOS itself can access the full amount of RAM of the M1, while apps can only access 5GB.

iPad users have long complained that iPadOS doesn’t take advantage of the available hardware and potential of the iPad Pro; and when the M1 chip is included in the new iPad Pro, things get even more annoying – it’s not wrong to say that iPadOS is what is holding the iPad Pro back from becoming a “computer” in the true sense.

On June 7, Apple will hold its Worldwide Developers Conference, where it is expected to announce iOS 15, watchOS 8, macOS 12, tvOS 15, and iPadOS 15. Bloomberg predicts that iPadOS 15 will feature the biggest design change to the home screen since the iPad was first released, including the ability to let users place widgets wherever they want.

Reference: MacRumors

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