Apple killed the HomePod, focusing on the HomePod mini

Tram Ho

Apple recently announced the death of the first-generation HomePod line, and will instead focus on the new HomePod mini line launched in October. The first HomePod was released in 2018 and as of now, it has been discontinued. There are only a few areas left in stock, a few areas on the Apple Store page announced to be out of stock.

Apple khai tử HomePod, tập trung vào HomePod mini - Ảnh 1.

HomePod 2018

“The HomePod mini has been a huge success since its launch last fall, offering users excellent sound quality, smart assistants and smart home control, all with just the touch of a button. price $ 99. We are focusing our efforts on the HomePod mini and will discontinue the 2018 HomePod version until it is out of stock in retail, online, and Apple authorized resellers. providing HomePod customers with software and service updates and support through Apple Care “.

HomePod was first introduced by Apple in early 2018, this is a line of high-end smart speakers from Apple to compete with Amazon Echo and Google Nest / Home. With the new HomePod mini version, Apple gives users a cheaper option when the product is priced at only $ 99, up to 2/3 cheaper than the $ 299 price of the HomePod 2018.

Apple khai tử HomePod, tập trung vào HomePod mini - Ảnh 2.

HomePod mini

Despite the death of the HomePod, but Apple has not announced that it will launch a new version of this product. That means if a user wants to buy a new HomePod, they will be forced to buy a mini version.

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