Apple is under exclusive investigation in Italy because of the iCloud service

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The Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) said it had opened an antitrust investigation into the cloud storage services of Apple, Google and Dropbox, in response to several allegations of commercial practices. not fair of these firms.

In its press release, the AGCM said it opened a total of six investigations into the allegations. In addition to its unfair trade practices, the agency also reported complaints regarding infringement of the Italian Consumer Rights Guide. There is also another complaint regarding the presence of offensive clauses in the contract.

Apple bị điều tra độc quyền tại Italy vì dịch vụ iCloud - Ảnh 1.

Specifically in its press release, all three of these cloud storage services were investigated for allegations of unfair behavior related to the collection of user data for commercial purposes – for example, lack of appropriate information or valid consent for commercial data collection.

Dropbox was also accused of not giving explicit notice of its binding terms, such as the order of withdrawing from the contract or exercising the right to review the contract. The Italian regulator also looks at Dropbox’s access to out-of-court dispute resolution mechanisms.

Other binding conditions are also being considered due to concerns about inequity in terms that give the service provider the right to suspend or interrupt service, exemptions of liability even in the school. loss of documents in the user’s cloud storage space, the ability to unilaterally modify contract terms, and the prevalence of English in contracts instead of Italian.

In recent years, the European Commission has urged social media companies to clarify their terms and conditions – which then forced Facebook to accept revised terms with wording. easier to understand, as well as a number of other modifications, including the right to unilaterally modify corporate contracts.

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