Apple is testing ARM-based macOS on iPhones, similar to Samsung Dex

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Recently, a leaker reported that Apple is currently testing Apple Silicon prototypes by running macOS on an iPhone: users will be able to plug their iPhone into a dock or monitor and enjoy a complete desktop experience.

Apple has previously denied implementing the Catalyst project to combine Mac and iOS. However, with Macs coming soon to run on Apple Silicon, it’s not too strange for the company to test macOS on iPhones.

Apple đang thử nghiệm macOS nền ARM trên iPhone, tương tự Samsung Dex - Ảnh 1.

Specifically, leaker “MauriQHD” tweeted the following: ” iPhone with macOS. Apple is working on Linda / Dex-style prototypes. The software running on it is crazy …

The Leaker went on to say: ” It’s ready. They have always been studying prototypes as side projects, and are taking advantage of this time to make it even better … but there are two options already. ready (will select only 1 “.

They are just waiting for other projects to get in. 95% sure it will be released, but not 100%. It depends on many factors .”

When asked if the plan was aimed at creating a dual-boot device, such as Boot Camp to enable macOS or Windows on Intel Mac-based Macs, MauriQHD said it was ” like a device.” more hybrid, but true, at least it will be the basis for those things “.

There have been projects in the past to bring desktop operating systems to phones. The most notable effort is Samsung DeX, which aims to make the Galaxy S8 a Chromebook-like desktop machine, instead of just displaying the mobile version of its operating system on the screen.

Apple đang thử nghiệm macOS nền ARM trên iPhone, tương tự Samsung Dex - Ảnh 2.

Will future iPhones run full macOS?

In addition, there was another project called “Project Linda” to turn the Razer Phone into an Android laptop, and this project was brought to show at CES 2018.

MauriQHD mentioned both projects in his tweet, and said that Apple’s prototype followed the same idea, that is to create a dock system or even allow the phone to run macOS completely. correction. Apple was once thought to be looking to turn the iPhone into an accessory for the MacBook Pro, replacing its trackpad.

Reference: AppleInsider

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