Apple is like an unstoppable ‘cargo ship’

Tram Ho

Apple just reported the fourth quarter of 2021 business results with the highest revenue and profit of all time. This helped the company’s stock increase strongly on January 28. All categories, except iPad, recorded strong sales growth, exceeding investor expectations.

What’s interesting to Apple is that it’s like a cargo ship right now,” said Ben Wood, an analyst at research firm CCS Insight. It has coped with the pandemic exceptionally well .”

In addition, Apple also said that there are 1.8 billion devices in the Apple ecosystem, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and HomePod. “This is an incredible user base that gives tremendous momentum,” said Wood. He predicts the number will pass 2 billion by the end of 2022.

Apple như ‘con tầu chở hàng’ không thể cản phá - Ảnh 1.

In an interview with CNBC, Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged that inflationary pressures are affecting the company. He shared that Apple is trying to price products commensurate with the value they bring. “I think everyone feels inflationary pressure. There is no doubt about that.”

When he spoke to analysts over the phone, Mr. Cook elaborated and offered examples. For example, inflation has been factored into gross profit margin and operating expenses. Logistics services or freight rates both increase. Still, he hopes the cost increase is temporary.

Like every other electronics company, Apple also has to deal with supply chain issues. Just because Apple is better than others doesn’t mean it’s immune to this, Mr. Wood commented. The Apple CEO expects supply chain problems to subside in the first quarter of 2022 but will not go away completely.

According to CNBC

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