Apple is developing solar panels for a soy sauce factory in Taiwan

Tram Ho

Apple Inc. is developing solar roofing panels with Taiwanese company Wan Ja Shan Brewery Co., which is famous for its soy sauce products, in the context of the Apples being promoting renewable energy use initiatives. mine.

The 50,000 square meter soybean plant equipped with these rooftop solar panels is located in southern Pingtung county of Taiwan. Wan Ja Shan Brewery’s manager, Tony Chung, said the project will start before the end of this year.

Chung added that they had spent 18 months discussing before Apple signed an agreement, but refused to provide more relevant information. He stressed that the company has set up solar energy business since 5 years ago.

Apple đang phát triển tấm lợp năng lượng mặt trời cho một nhà máy sản xuất nước tương ở Đài Loan - Ảnh 1.

An Apple spokesman did not comment on anything specific about the project, instead asking reporters to visit the company’s environmental initiative website.

Apple’s partnership with Wan Ja Shan Brewery was first revealed by the US Resource Solutions Center – a facility that claims to be working with Apple to authenticate and certify its renewable energy projects. in Singapore and Taiwan.

In April 2018, Apple said that all of its global facilities, including stores, offices, and data centers in 43 countries, were all using 100% clean energy. Apple said this year that 44 of its suppliers have pledged to produce Apple products with 100% clean energy, including TSMC – Apple’s main chip manufacturing partner, and a big company. most in Taiwan in terms of market capitalization.

Reference: Bloomberg

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