Apple is developing a mid-range chip called B14, which could be fitted to the iPhone SE 2

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Apple has launched the new generation A14 Bionic processor, which will be found in the upcoming iPhone 12. Apple has always produced its own high-end processors, but in the near future Apple may develop another mid-range chip.

As reported by Tom’s Guide, Apple is developing a mid-range chip, called the B14. It is not clear if the B14 is based on the architecture of the A14 Bionic, but we can be sure that the B14 will have lower performance and production costs. That will help reduce the cost of Apple’s cheap iPhones.

Apple đang phát triển chip tầm trung mang tên B14, có thể được trang bị cho iPhone SE 2 - Ảnh 1.

Because iPhone SE 2020 is equipped with A13 processor. So it is likely that the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 or otherwise known as the iPhone 12 mini, will not be equipped with the mid-range B14 chip, but will still be equipped with the A14 Bionic chip.

That leads to three other candidates, possibly equipped with Apple’s B14 chip. The first is the 4G version of the iPhone 12, expected to launch in early 2021. Previous reports have also said that the 4G version of the iPhone 12 will have some components completely different from the 5G version. .

Another candidate is the iPhone SE 2. According to some rumors, the iPhone SE 2 will have a 4.7 inch LCD screen and be released in Q1 / 2021. In addition, the iPhone SE 2 Plus may also be equipped with a mid-range B14 chip.

If the report on Apple’s new mid-range chip is correct. Then the iPhone SE 2 will probably be priced under $ 350. iPhone SE 2020 has a starting price of $ 399, $ 300 cheaper than an iPhone 11, and shares the same hardware as the iPhone 11.

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