Apple is being sued by class for the “melting” screen error on the iPad mini 6

Tram Ho

Shortly after the iPad mini 6 was released last September, some users noticed that the LCD screen on their newly purchased device had a “jelly” phenomenon. In response to this, Apple said this is a “normal” phenomenon for LCD panels. Five months later, the company is now facing a class-action lawsuit from iPad mini users.

The phenomenon of melting jelly often occurs when placing the iPad mini 6 vertically and swiping up and down text lines or web pages, now it seems that one side of the screen has a slower refresh rate than the other. This delay is harder to notice if the iPad is in landscape mode.

Apple’s explanation of course does not satisfy users. The class-action lawsuit, filed by agent Christopher Bryan of Colorado, alleges that the iPad mini’s defect causes display quality to “curl, warp, blur, and obscure text and images ” to the point of ” can not use”.

Worse still, some users have reported experiencing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and migraines while using the device due to this bug. Although Apple itself publicly acknowledged the problem just four days after the release of the iPad Mini, Apple continued to sell the iPad Mini and refused to fix the problem or modify its marketing materials to let customers know. know the existence of the error. Instead, against all evidence, Apple asserts that the error is normal,” according to the content of the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff said that other devices using LCD screens did not “melt” error, including Apple’s iPad Air. The lawsuit also accuses Apple of “concealing” the defect by continuing to sell the iPad mini 6 to new buyers.

Apple bị kiện tập thể vì lỗi màn hình "chảy thạch" trên iPad mini 6 - Ảnh 2.

“Apple has continued to market the device without disclosing the nature of the defect, including in the product’s advertising and packaging. Instead, Apple has concealed the defect, marketing the device as suitable for consumers to read documents, play games, and compose documents despite the fact that each of these functions and features is hindered by bugs. .”

The lawsuit alleges Apple violated California competition laws, advertising laws, marketing fraud, etc. Plaintiffs are seeking financial compensation to anyone who purchased the iPad mini 6.

Reference: 9to5mac

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