Apple holds the top position in Interbrand’s global chart

Apple holds the top position in Interbrand's global chart with annual value of 178 billion USD

The value of Apple increased by 5% annually, reaching $ 178.1 billion and leading the way compared to corporations like Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Toyota. Meanwhile, Google ranked No. 2, far from Apple at a distance of 133.3 billion dollars.

The fastest growing brands are Facebook, Amazon and Lego, reaching 48%, 33% and 25% respectively. According to this data, Apple easily overcame 2 main competitors, Samsung and Google – 2 rivals with a growth rate of 14% & 11%.

Interbrand also confirmed that Apple is one of the leading businesses, incorporating "high-end products" with the "functional" hardware / software model, enticing users to join the Apple ecosystem and limit their ability to consider choosing other platforms. In particular, Apple users are also willing to pay high prices for the experience.

“The more data you share, the more personal the experience is – the addition of new devices will not cause any annoyance and when customers think of switching devices it will The brand has not kept its promise, ”Interbrand said

Although iPhone sales are declining year by year since the first time in 2016 – marking the first milestone of the decline in 13 years, the Apple brand retains its momentum.

Source: IDE Academy via AppleInsider

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