Apple has reduced market share in Vietnam but still contributes a lot of revenue to retailers

Tram Ho

GfK statistics show that in the first 11 months of 2019, Apple has 7.1% market share of smartphones in Vietnam, down from 8.5% in the same period. However, some of its strategic products still have good sales, contributing significantly to the overall sales of retailers.

Specifically, iPhone 7 Plus is on the list of the best-selling smarthphone of both Mobile World and FPT Shop in 2019, automatically becoming the “national” iPhone in Vietnam in the past year.

Apple giảm sút thị phần tại Việt Nam nhưng vẫn góp doanh thu lớn cho các nhà bán lẻ - Ảnh 1.

iPhone 7 Plus is Apple’s best-selling smartphone in Vietnam, contributing significant revenue to retailers. Photo: Hai Dang

Among the 10 best-selling smartphones of the Mobile World last year, there was also the iPhone X, Apple’s first “rabbit-ear” phone, which inspired the trend of the “notch” screen later. a few million more than iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus is Apple’s second cheapest iPhone model sold in Vietnam. The design and configuration of the device is just enough to be used by many people as their first Apple smartphone, making it the most consumed iPhone.

If the iPhone 7 Plus is Apple’s popular smartphone, the iPhone X is the first smartphone to advance to the high-end line of U.S. phone companies. So even though it has been in Vietnam for 2 years, it was still chosen because it still runs smoothly the latest iOS 13 operating system.

Looking at the list of smartphones contributing the largest sales to FPT Shop in 2019 to see the role of Apple. In this chain, of the 10 smartphones that bring the most money, up to half from Apple. Specifically, iPhone Xs Max (64GB, 256GB), iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB, iPhone X 64GB, iPhone 7 Plus are in this list.

Not to mention, the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB, iPhone X 64GB, iPhone XS Max 64GB lead the top 10 smartphones with the most money for FPT Shop.

This is easy to explain that although the market share is ranked No. 3 in Vietnam, less than 10%, it is far from achieving 23-24% of Oppo (No. 2), but Apple won the throne. When it comes to value, that is, sales contribute to the market.

Apple market share in Vietnam in 2019 decreased compared to 2018 but the price of each iPhone is higher and higher, much higher than the average of other brands, thus contributing extremely good sales for retailers.

However, the fact that Chinese smartphone companies are increasingly emerging, threatening Apple’s market share will make it forced to have an appropriate business strategy in Vietnam if it does not want to fall out of the top 3 of the big players in Vietnam. this market.

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Source : Genk