Apple has officially broke the $ 1.3 trillion mark under the Tim Cook empire

Tram Ho

If someone still believes that without Steve Jobs, Apple will die …

At the end of the first trading session of the new year, the code AAPL reached $ 300. Thanks to the new peak stock, Apple’s market capitalization also reached $ 1.33 trillion. As such, Apple has become the first company to surpass the $ 1.3 trillion market cap in human history.

And, Apple is also the first company to reach 1.1 trillion USD and 1.2 trillion USD milestones. Prior to that, Apple was also the first technology company, the Western company surpassed trillions (a Chinese oil company was “blown” to trillion in 2007). Without a doubt, Apple is the No. 1 tech giant at the moment.

Apple vừa chính thức phá mốc giá trị 1,3 nghìn tỷ USD, không còn ai nghi ngờ về tài năng của Tim Cook nữa! - Ảnh 1.

2 managers with completely different styles.

But when Jobs started acting as Apple’s CEO in early 2011, Apple’s value was only about $ 300 billion. After nine years in office, including eight months in the shadow of Steve Jobs, Cook raised Apple’s market capitalization four times, trashing from one business record to another. Although unable to continue creating the next technological revolution, Cook found a way for the post-smartphone era. Apple’s services segment earns more than $ 10 billion each quarter, and accessories like AirPods and Apple Watch are also constantly dominating the world in market share.

Thanks to that success, Cook also became the first leader – and is now the only one – in human history that has been able to help its “boat” value increase by more than $ 1 trillion since taking over. . A miracle for Tim Cook and for Apple, especially when the talk “Apple is in danger” has never ended since he succeeded Steve Jobs.


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Source : Techtalk