Apple has just joined the Fido Alliance, iFan is about to forget his password

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Apple, a company that has long been proud of the security of its devices, recently joined the Fido Alliance (Fido Alliance) as a member of the Board of Directors.

Fido Alliance is an open industry group whose mission is to create ” authentic standards to help reduce the world’s dependence on cryptography”. If you hear this group name a bit strange, then you’ve probably heard of one of its three authentication protocols: Fido Universal Second Factor (FIDO U2F), FIDO Universal Authentication Framework (FIDO UAF), and FIDO2. And even if you’ve never heard of them, the board members of this group include some of the world’s famous industrial giants like Amazon, ARM, American Express, Facebook, and Google. , Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Paypal, Samsung, Visa, Mastercard, and latest Apple.

This news was first revealed last week by the French website MacG, which cited a tweet (now deleted) that included a photo from a Fido conference presentation with the Apple logo and The content is “New Board Member” (New Board Member). However, this tweet was quickly deleted until today, when Fido officially updated its website to include the Apple name.

Apple vừa gia nhập Liên minh Fido, iFan sắp quên mật khẩu đi được rồi - Ảnh 1.

So in the end, what does joining Apple Fido Alliance bring?

Part of Fido’s job is to look for alternatives to cryptography. Specifically, this group will create standards for technologies such as biometric authentication as well as physical security keys. Apple has already applied some of such technology – for example, Face ID, or using an Apple Watch to unlock a compatible MacBook. Apple sometimes requires users to authenticate their identities on a laptop by licensing them on an iPhone. These types of two-factor authentication in the future will no longer be restricted to Apple products. Joining Fido Alliance can be a big step in making it a reality across platforms, not just within the Apple ecosystem.

Through this event, we more or less see what Apple is planning on the security field in the future. The company has been working on integrating U2F for a while now, and has supported the FIDO2 security key on iOS 13.3 and Safari 13. Of course, we’ll have to wait a while longer before it can be completely. Say goodbye to password.

Reference: Gizmodo

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